Tuesday, November 8, 2016

44 64 112 | The dwindling white vote, CNN feature story, election day, November 8, 2016

Mathematics = 112; Zionist = 112

I like this man CNN picked out to represent the white male.


By 2044, eh?

20+44 = 64;  Civil Rights = 64; Barack Hussein Obama = 64 (44th President)

2044 is 28-years from this year.  (United = 28) (Israel)

11/8/2016 = 11+8+(2+0+1+6) = 28


  1. According to the Pew Research Center eh?

    Pew Research Center = 87
    Clinton = 87

  2. Marilyn Manson with a new video beheading Trump...


  3. Laundromat=119

    They're wanting to remind us to separate our lights and darks.

    1. Awesome! Hilarious ... & So TRUE!! Lol

  4. "how voting is going so far" = 119

  5. There's so much "wrong" with that laundromat pic -- especially the SUPPOSED "Reflections" in the dryer windows.

    If those windows REALLY were that reflective, shouldn't they be covered? Those "voting machines" (or computers?) are right in front of -- & facing -- them.
    That said, the "Reflections" shown don't make any sense & they're way too uniform.

    The Reflections ARE prominent though -- so what ARE they "Saying"??

    The sticker on the center "computer" is Faded (the COLOR Is Washed OUT! Lol).

    Subliminal messaging aside: LOOK WHERE THE MAN IS POINTING.
    Viewed from the angle of his "pointed direction" (SW to NE):

    The 4 dryers on the right seem to show a large building(s?) coming down.

    Look close enough, & the "buildings" even appear "hollow" -- you can see through them to the round "symbol" (the moon?). Reminiscent of 9/11's "hollow/empty" buildings (or holograms?)

    Sounds crazy -- but we know these pics are ALWAYS carefully crafted -- & convey much MORE than just overt subliminals.

    What I can't figure out is the Back Of The Man's Head that's just atop the Pointer's upper arm -- yet it's also Completely Under The Table.
    Even if those with their backs shown were sitting atop a "raised platform or podium" --
    this Lone, Unidentifiable "Head" doesn't "fit".

    Will it soon be time for the Willis Tower to go?

    The "Dirty White Man" pic is so obviously inflammatory that most people would focus on THAT ... & never look too closely at "THE DRYERS" pic.
    Everone except those who know they're SUPPOSED to look for something ...

    Geez -- they must know that most of their Actor-Agents aren't very bright -- that bold sign "DRYERS" even Tells THEM Where To Look! Lol

    Come to think of it -- that sign is mottled Purple & White ...
    The "Signature" of those Running The Show --
    As relayed in Rabbi Benzion Klatzko's 7/31/12 video: "The Purple Jacket People"??