Tuesday, November 8, 2016

45 47 56 168 | NFL Referee Dr. Walt Anderson, head ref of MNF, November 6, 2016 & Super Bowl 45 +Pete Carroll's 168th game

Major League = 108; Geometry = 108; 108-years Cubs drought broken

Notice the timestamp, 1:08.  As we said before the game, this was going to be a tribute to the World Series, where the Cubs broke the 108 year drought, 1908-2016.

Further, notice the head referee was Walt Anderson, the head ref of Super Bowl 45, which was won 31-25, the same score as last night's MNF game.  The Packers won that Super Bowl who are connected with the Seahawks throughout history, from Hasselbeck and Holmgren, to Marshawn Lynch and more.  Right now the starting QB of the Seahawks played at Wisconsin, the same state Green Bay is in.

In other words... there is a riddle to find out more about here.

Seahawks 31st game on MNF, winning with 31.
The Bills earned their 25th loss on MNF (and it was Rex Ryan's 25th games as Bills coach)

Notice the sum of '56'.  It corresponds with the ref's name.

Walt Anderson = 47/56


Let us examine the name Walt Anderson.

Walter Anderson = 56 (S-Exception)

The game was in Seattle and Seattle is on the 47th parallel.  Of course, it was the 47th season of the NFL where the first Super Bowl was played.

*Also, regarding the World Series connection, the Cubs clinched the playoffs in their 146th game.  Just documenting.

Notice that Super Bowl he participated in was at Arlington, where the Cowboys play.

Arlington = 47; Walt Anderson = 47

NFL = 66; First NFL Super Bowl was at end of '66 season, 47th season of NFL

Dr. Walt Anderson = 168; New York City = 168 (Was Pete Carroll's 168th game on MNF, November 6, 2016, which Walt Anderson officiated)

To be continued...


  1. Interesting that his first year in the league, the Colts and Vikings were both 9-7, and both made the playoffs. Also interesting is the fact that there were 3 divisions in each conference back then, and the Patriots and Colts were in the same division. There's probably more that I'm currently missing...


    1. Pats, Bills, Colts all made the playoffs out of same division that year.

  2. I think this Blog Entry is Superb!

    Zach, this is a concrete example of NFL Rigging by the Numbers. You should be on all The NFL TV & Radio shows today.

    Furthermore you should write an Official letter to the NFL & Officials Union about what is going on.

    Your evidence cannot be denied, & as a watched that MNF game w/ my friends that are forever asleep - even they were like WTF is going on here?! NFL F'd up big time last night, & I would love to see F2FT expose them!

    1. The mainstream media would never let people like Zach on their shows. Only shills/frauds (aka members of their club) like Gary "the numbers guy" Grinberg are allowed.

    2. the NFL isn't doing anything Illegal, its entertainment

  3. All just a coincidence, right? Lmao. Great work Zack!

  4. Adding to the 108 connections

    "Forty Fifth President " in the English Reduction system equals 108

  5. I noticed some things yesterday about the ref also. If you go to Football Zebras site, it shows the assignments of each crew for the week.



    I'm going to start adding the referee for each game to see if it provides more clues to who will win

    1. I like this thought. Officials are obviously the ones making sure things go according to plan, but I'm not sure any of us realized they could very well be as big of a cog in the numbers game as the players and coaches are.

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  7. During the game itself I noticed ALOT of 3 and 5s the cameras would catch 35 or 53 running off the field or focus on #5 & #3 for the Bills. Talked about 35 touch down receptions for Graham twice his name sums to 55 er. #55 sacked #5. "5 penalties in the season 3 last week" At one point the total points was 53. There were endless examples - it was making me crazy. Best part was in the fist half there was a crowd shot where people wearing jerseys with 25 and 31 were standing together - I sent a text to my sister at 8:52 cst to see if she'd seen it. Now I see why - final score 25-31. I also noticed Cliff Avril getting alot of airtime (#56) Cliff Avril 53 er, Avril 530 EG, Cliff 54. After reading this post I wonder if there is any connection to SB 53??

  8. More 5 and 3 - 50 yard pass from Wilson to Baldwin to set up a 3 yard td run from Wilson. The pass was completed with a 300 lb lineman standing on Wilson's foot.