Thursday, November 3, 2016

67 85 99 108 | World Series Game 7 & NBA observations, November 2, 2016

This game comes November 2, 2016, the night of the deciding game of the 112th World Series,

Remember, Houston = 31/112 (Cubs just came back from 1-3, in 112th World Series)

Notice the Knicks lost with '99'.  Illinois = 99

Knicks = 67 (Cleveland Indians = 67) *Female = 67 (Jewish)

Hillary has the New York and Illinois connections.

The 118 points points stands out in light of the election date.

Also, there is something about '217', and the World Series that just past which I have not connected.  Notice, there was a sum of 217 points,  118+99 = 217

The other game that stood out from this evening, involved the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Oklahoma City Thunder = 223
Curse of the Billygoat = 223
We Got Detroit's Goat = 223

Notice the Thunder won with 85.

The divisors of 85 sum to 108.  Cubs ended 108-year old World Series drought.

Here were the rest of the games.  The 109 tributes have me wondering... some other numbers might look familiar as well; 113, 103, 93... more...

109, the 29th prime; Ohio = 29

The final game ended in a sum of 233 points, Blazers and Suns.  233, the 13th Fibonacci Number.


  1. Yo zach just like back to the future aired for the World Series on tnt, bicentennial man aired on HBO the same time who starred robin Williams born 7/21 "127" who died 8/11 (94 strike date) (this years election date) born 110 days from election president=110

  2. Cristopher Columbus arrived in America 10/12/1492 (112) where he killed the Indians like the Cubs did in 112th World Series their own land (the land)

    1. Also 166 days from his deatg date, the 510th anniversary I may add.

    2. CC and CC both killed the Indians. Great thought!

  3. Did you see that the shot clock in an NBA game tonight locked up and caused a game delay.... And when it locked, it displayed 99 instead of the normal 24 seconds

  4. 217 could be as simple as events for next year. Also, 21×7=147.

    217 is also the sum of all the factors of 100, so perhaps a disguised completion number?

  5. the toronto raptors scored 113 on the final night of the MLB season. could that be a sign of the blue jays making it to the WS in the 113th season?

  6. Zach..thx for your hard work..put a vegas weekend workshop together around the football playoffs...thx again you are rockin it!

  7. Going to be billed as the

    Greatest Game Ever=171(a little 71 for onw drought, a 17+71=88), and 1221J=12+21=33. 33 fistfuck up these puppet's asses all game long.

  8. Maybe 217 is just a derivative of 2017.
    But I did code this: "Ray Allen" retired from the NBA at the age of "41".
    "Ray Allen Retires" in Eng.Reduction equals 74
    "Forty One Years Old" in Eng. Ordinal equals 217


  9. Game ended in the 10th inning with 8 runs 108