Wednesday, November 2, 2016

93 113 226 322 | Reader Contribution, 'US President Hillary Clinton' & 'Hillary Clinton Elected' +Hillary Clinton email scandal


Two Hundred Twenty Six = 93
Hillary became First Lady in '93
Tim Kaine's birthday is February 26, or 2/26 (I predicted he would be VP because of it)

Also, from the same user...

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113


  1. The rain delay was 17 minutes...

  2. If Hillary wins and the Queen dies sometime during her term, then Prince Charles would be the new monarch.
    So America would have a female as its ruler and England would have a male, basically switching places.
    This, along with the switcheroo of Bill the president and Hillary the first lady, turning into Hillary the president and Bill the first husband.

    It's like the plot of Freaky Friday. Very weird.

    1. You made an interesting observation. So I decided to code it:
      "New Monarch" in Eng. Ordinal equals 114
      "First Lady" in Eng. Ordinal equals 114
      "First Husband in Eng. Ordinal equals 141

    2. I was expecting the Queen to die since April of this year...:)

  3. yeah that 226 and 322 pretty much seal the deal for her to win. cant believe how long theyv had to kno, for them to script that. obviously before the 93 wtc bombing