Monday, November 7, 2016

82 421 | The Seahawks 4-2-1 record, and Russell Wilson's 82nd game all-time, MNF, November 7, 2016

Notice the Seahawks are 4-2-1, a lot like '421', and 421 is the 82nd prime number.

Heading into their MNF game against the Buffalo Bills, November 7, 2016, it will be Russell Wilson's 82nd career game.

The script is tight.


  1. Just wanted to contribute Zach.
    Rex Ryan is 2-10 on mnf all time. Tribute to cubs if he loses 2-11 or 112 World Series.
    Wilson is going for 51st win, like 51st Superbowl to come or Mnf=15
    Washington=58, Ryan's buffalo away record is 5-7, could be 5-8, he has 58 career wins to stay possibly
    Carroll=34, Week9=34, Seattle Saehawks=43
    Centurylink Field=89 while Carroll is going for is 98 career win

  2. If they loose


    431 is prime (83)

  3. So with about 2 minutes left, it looked like Russell Wilson and the Seahawks would score a touchdown to make it 28-17, which they did. They sat comfortably with 45 points, on the eve of the coronation of the 45th president.

    But then, Buffalo got a bit too far deep downfield. They couldn't allow the field goal, so Sherman barrels offsides by a mile and lunges into the kicker, causing an injury timeout.

    Even though the penalty caused the injury, they told the kicker he had to sit out one play due to the timeout. Problem solved, right? Nope, Rex Ryan, since it's only first down with 3 seconds left, has their player take a snap and spike the ball, leaving 1 second on the clock, and the kicker eligible to return.

    So there's the snap, the kick is good, but FLAG! Delay of game?! The replay shows the play clock ticking from 5 as the ref places the ball. It's supposed to be 25! So ballsy!

    So they run the snap again, the kicker misses wide right this time, and 45 points remain on the scoreboard.

    Whether or not I'm right that there was some real fuckery going on by the tefs, it's definitely more fun watching the games from this perspective. I can't believe I bought this garbage up until this past year.

    1. Not to mention the delay of game penalty is a 5 yard penalty but they made an exception and made it a 6 yard penalty lol. Before the delay it was a 48 yarder then after it became a 54 yarder, where'd they get the extra yard from, just wanted to hit the number 54.

    2. Great work! Buffalo Bills = 45/54/117
      Today is November 7, or 11/7, with the '54' numerology.

  4. Let's run it on 3rd and 20. lmao

  5. Hey man I am sure you will post something about this but did you catch the Warriors game tonight it was too obvious. Curry's three streak was broken last game against the Lakers, however tonight he was able to redeem himself by beating Kobe Bryant's 3 point record in a single game. How fitting that after the Lakers broke his streak he beat one of the all time great Lakers record. Curry made 13 three point shots shooting 13/17 = 30 (his number).Additionally 17 once again coming up NBA = 17, Ohio is the 17th state, the Cavaliers are the 17th team in the NBA, this year the championship will be in 2017, and this is the 71st season of the NBA. He shot a total of 42 shots which is the number of Nate Thurmond, also LeBron James is born on a day with the numerology of 42, 42 is a number commonly associated with black people, Freemason = 42, Zionism = 42. Also right after he took his final shot they showed a fan in the crowd wearing a Nate Thurmond Jersey. Also kinda weird is that he has tied the record of 12 two times prior to this but finally on his third time he was able to break the record maybe this could have something to do with who will win two of out three titles this years between the Cav's and Warriors.

    1. Oh almost forgot that he scored a total of 46 points. 46 = sacrifice maybe foreshadowing a finals loss this year or a tribute to the sacrifice he had to take by ending his consecutive game 3 point record to finally beat Kobe's record.

    2. I just feel like 46 is an important because he blew an easy layup but I think that was to get the correct number of shots but since he already had 46 points he missed it. And in the original comment I meant his miss and make total field goal He shot 16/26 = 42 my mistake. Additionally the Pelicans scored a total of 106 points oracle arena = 106.

    3. The Warriors are now 5-2. Prophecy = 52, Akron Ohio = 52 like where Curry, Thurmond, and LeBron were all born, Valentines day = 52 (maybe another clue towards the important games on Valentines day this year), The Cavaliers broke a 52 year streak last year when they beat the Warriors.

    4. alright last one sorry for posting this in a bunch of different comments just kinda posting it as I look into it. Today has a numerology of 54. 11/7/2016 = 11 + 7 +20 + 16= 54. oracle = 54 (oracle arena), Nate Thurmond = 54, the Warriors hold the record of 54 straight home wins

  6. Warriors final score combined
    Opponent scored 106=Prophecy

  7. 13 threes or 31 Lebrons age or 3-1 warriors blew the lead

    Finals tribute

  8. Easiest clue is Rex is a career loser and he's supporting trump. I stressed last night that 4-5 would be a tribute the 45th president, and the Hawks were 1-1-1 in their last 3 games. 111=NewYork as in sacrifice because the Hawks would then go 2-1-1=112
    The 17 at halftime was 71 for Cubs where Hillary is from. Ironically this was their 13th meeting and Curry hits 13 threes. Cavs just beat Philly by one point to improve to 6-0 which is their best start in franchise history. The last time Lebron started 6-0 they beat you guessed it the THUNDER in 5 games in 2012.

  9. Warrior is a brave person of war.
    Cavalier is A knight that protects the King
    Series is 1-1
    It's either going to be 2-3 for warriors or 2-3 for King James

    I like the the 2-3 for James, he will be in his 8th finals and 7th straight. He has a chance to be the first player to win back to back in two different cities and will have 4-8 record in the finals. Lebron was born in 84!
    Jordan's rookie season 84!
    Jordan was 22(master builder) in 84
    Jordan was picked round 1 pick 3
    Or 13 like Currys record or 31 like Lebrons age

    Jordan is 53 or a sum of 8 like number of finals for Lebron..

    Happy Holidays from the Butts family!