Monday, November 7, 2016

MNF Discussion Thread | November 7, 2016, Bills @ Seahawks (Battle of 42 and 54)

It's the battle of the team from the 42nd Parallel North (Buffalo) vs the team from the 42nd state.

11/7/2016 = 11+7+20+16 = 54 (Baseball = 54) (Bills = 54) (Russell Wilson = 54)
11/7/2016 = 11+7+(2+0+1+6) = 27 (MLB) (Bills)
11/7/2016 = 1+1+7+2+0+1+6 = 18 (Baseball) (Bills)
11/7/16 = 11+7+16 = 34 (139th prime number; Freemasonry = 58/67/139)

Buffalo Bills = 45/54/117 (11/7, November 7 game)

Seattle Seahawks = 43 (Seahawks could fall to 4-3)
Seahawks = 87 (Clinton)

Seahawks are up 7-5 in the all-time series, this will be the 13th game.

National Football League = 85
Seattle Seahawks joined NFL ' 76

It's going to be his 82nd game tonight.  Seattle = 82; Tyrod = 82

Seahawks = 24 (Wilson's 24th loss?)
Washington = 49/58 (Wilson's 58th win?)

Tyrod Taylor's birthday is August 3, 96-days before, or a span of 97-days.

Russell Wilson, birthday is November 29, games comes 22-days before his birthday, and 344-days after last birthday.

The two are born 118-days apart, or a span of 119-days, both being born in 1989, and both being 27-years old.

This is Rex Ryan's 121st game, and Tyrod-Taylor has a chance to become 12-10.  This will be his 25th game with the Jets.  This is the 97th season of the NFL.  97, the 25th prime.

This game comes 36-days before his 54th birthday, or a span of 37-days.

Rex Ryan will either be earning his 13th win or 13th loss with the Jets, in Week 9.  13 9

Again, this is the 13th matchup between both teams.

This will be Peter Carroll's 168th game.  New York City = 168

Pete Carroll = 53, 53-days from birthday, or span of 54-days

Remember, 54 is a big number on the game.

This will be the Seahawks 31st game on MNF.  They have a league best winning percentage, with a record of 22-8.  They'll either earn their 23rd win, or 9th loss, in Week 9.

For the Bills, this will be their 42nd game on MNF, and '42' is a big number on the game.  They're looking for their 18th win on a date with '18' numerology.  Bills = 18

They could also potentially earn their 25th loss.  Again, 97 is the 25th prime, and this is the 97th season of the NFL, with the game coming a span of 97-days before the game.

If you want to listen to me create this post, watch the video below.  Fast forward to 3 minutes and 40 seconds.


  1. LMAO! Who else caught the Bills defenseman purposely go low, so that the Seahawks player could leap over him lol.

    1. I was just explaining it to my girlfriend, all scripted.

    2. So obvious! I mean even my friend who loves football was questioning that one lol.

    3. Talking about girlfriends and wives. After a Cavs comeback from 1-3 and the Cubs from 1-3, in consecutive world championships, she's fully on board. How exciting, only took 2 years. She'll even look for numbers, or ask me if this means anything.

  2. Were about to get a 45 tribute score.

  3. Lol... The guy just looked crippled, and then he got right back up like nothing happened. This is a circus act.

  4. Richard Dominick incognito=137 (33rd prime) he is 33 years old.
    His birthday 7/5 7+5+(1+9+8+3)=33 to Election Day 11/8 is 126 days looking like 10/26 the birthday of Hillary

  5. LOL fucking circus to end this half...

    1. They just wanted it to be a 54 yarder, with the sum total remaining at 45. Complete joke lol.

    2. I couldn't stop laughing. Best. Shit. Ever.

      And people are worried that if NFL does something obviously dumb most "true" fans would wake up...... yeah fucking right LOL these people will never stop believing no matter what happens

  6. commentator said " conspiracy" lol

  7. 54 yard try and missed? After that circus shit. Looks like Bills are losing this game for sure.

  8. They don't want to score to keep the tribute

  9. do you believe in magic ?


  10. 11 point lead into halftime is fitting. Almost 20-28 like Seahawks record of 22-8. 45 is still big nimber with score total

  11. Before the last Seahawks touchdown gruden=33 said "who would of thought this would be a shoot out?)umm didn't you watch zachs video?? Lol comedy

  12. I was anticipating a player bringing out a folded chair and hit Sherman .. Boink

    1. Rex Ryan should be cutting promos in WWE.

  13. The man just throw the ball to Sherman a joke

  14. Like the World Series that just passed, this MNF game has some Clinton/Trump election coding.

    Going back to the WS, an article came out on how Trump tried to buy the Cleveland Indians in 1983 for 13 million. Which was 33 years ago. Cleveland = 33 Indians lose game 7, 8-7, 87 = Clinton
    Clinton is a Cubs fan. Clinton/Cubs beat Trump/Indians

    "Cleveland Indians " in the English Ordinal system equals 148

    Cleveland Indians " in the English Sumerian system equals 888

    "Donald J Trump " in the English Sumerian system equals 888

    "Donald J Trump " in the English Ordinal system equals 148

    This MNF game has some Clinton vs Trump gematria or Clinton/Seahawks vs Trump/Bills.

    Clinton = 87/33
    Seahawks = 87/33
    MNF = 33

    Seattle on 47th parallel 47= President
    Washington is 42nd state.
    Clinton was 42nd first lady
    Washington = 49 revelation.
    Washington was admitted to the union on November 11, 1889, 11×11=121 revelation


    In 2014 Trump tried to purchase the Buffalo Bills for 1 billion dollars.
    Buffalo Bills = 117 like today's date
    Trump has been coded with 117 a lot this year. Also Bills coach Rex Ryan introduced Trump at a rally early this year.

    1. Would have liked to seen this before the game but ultimately its my fault for not seeing the obvious. Even without all these deep points just betting on the red team vs the blue team from Washington right before Hillary wins was a dumb move.

  15. Notes - last crunch time play - time out at 1:01 - clock stops after next play: .52 , then .13 turnover on downs - seahawks 11th MNF win in a row / 31st - score of 31-25