Saturday, December 3, 2016

122 | 'Ten Alarm Fire' in Cambridge, same day as record Oakland fire news, December 3, 2016

A 'ten alarm fire' on the same day of a fire in 'Golden State', on the 122nd Meridian in Oakland?


  1. Just caught Luke Walton admitting everyone travels in the NBA .

  2. When you think of big fires in the city like that you might think of the Great Chicago fire. Illinois (99) was admitted as a state on a December 3rd date. (today's date) California has admission date of September 9th (9/9).

    It also seemed interesting There's a metal band from Oakland called 'High On Fire'(99) that will be playing at the Bataclan in a few days. 12-6-2016.(54) Bataclan (54). I don't follow metal but reading just the bit I did, it seems the lead singer Matt Pike has a strong hatred for Aerosmith who are from the Boston area near Cambridge. Matt is labeled a conspiracy theorist for speaking on controversial topics. He says he's "not a conspiracy theorist, but a conspiracy factist." which I love. That term is perfect.

    Anyway, aren't California and Massachusetts two states that just legalized recreational use? I think Nevada too, but 'High On Fire' seems to fit nicely. Just some abstract dot connecting I'm throwing out there.

    1. 12/6 could be written 6/12
      ...Palindrome...(drop zero)

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