Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reader Contribution | The death of Alan Thicke +"41" and "Death"

Here's some great work!  As I documented last night, Alan Thicke died 41-weeks after his birthday, on December 13, 2016, a date with '41' numerology.

This reader reminds us of the connection between '41' and '118', a number associated with death.  Hello Robin Williams and many, many more.


  1. Super Bowl LI sacrifice=1350,thicke=135,Indianapolis=69,colts=69,he is dead at 69,growing pains=152,Super Bowl LI=152,Indianapolis colts=1152

  2. I Was watching that Jon Benet Ramsey Special on CNN last night. They reported to find a $ 118,000 Ransom Note before they found the body?

    Jon B. Ramsey" in the English Reduction system equals 41

    Six Days Left in The Year on Dec. 25th the Day Jon Benet Supposedly Died @ Age 6. Here is her birth Life Lesson #.

    8+6+(1+9+9+0)= .. 33 ..

    Dead At Six" in the English Reduction system equals 33

    Six" in the English Reduction system equals 16

    1. btw some say katy perry = jon b ramsey.

      Might even be true.

    2. pretty sure jon benet ramsay is dead as fuck.. i wish i could find something on the phoenician hammer strike but i can't... but i will mention it here...
      this is from the wiki on child sacrifice...
      there was a consensus among scholars that Carthaginian children were sacrificed by their parents, who would make a vow to kill the next child if the gods would grant them a favor: for instance that their shipment of goods were to arrive safely in a foreign port
      (this is what i think happened at sandy hook btw, parents sacrificing their children for power)
      Philo specified that the sacrificed child was best-loved.
      now, carthage was in phoenicia... think phoenicia isn't important? take out your smart PHOEN, and talk into it using PHOEN-etics, or text using PHOEN-ics...
      the phoenicians invented the alphabet...
      not A alphabet... THE alphabet... the first one... the very CONCEPT of an alphabet...
      here, on this page, do we think the alphabet might be important?
      oh and that dude Philo? talking about how great the sacrificed child was? his name was Philo of Byblos...
      the Greeks took the name of the city as their word for book - biblos – and from their word for books named our Bible - ta biblia - which means 'the books’
      and just because... this is from a website talking about human sacrifice... before zack's work i would of missed this... not now though...
      thanks brother...
      The analysis focused on 93 Austronesian cultures, meaning peoples who originated in Taiwan, later settling in Madagascar, Rapa Nui (Easter Island) the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. Researchers found that the more class stratification that existed in a society—elites on top, with the rest of the populace on the bottom—the more likely it was to engage in ritualistic killings.
      93? 93 cultures? Of course 93 is the number of saturn... they can't hide when you know what you are looking at...

  3. Season 6 Episode 16
    Bens Rap Group
    Aired 1/23/1991

    Robin Thicke appears on the episode, singing and dancing.

    If that doesn't work search for Robin Thicke on Growing Pains.

    1. Bens Rap Group=912(again)

      1/23/91 has some fun numerology too.

  4. The Dow jones stock market just closed down 118.68 points after the interest rate rise. Everything is so controlled

    1. They use Numerology in the Stock markets as well. 100%

  5. The Hike in the Interest Rate by Janet Yellen today may signify a Dollar Crash Tomorrow Dec. 15th.

    Fifteenth " in the English Ordinal system equals 93

    Fifteenth " in the English Reduction system equals 48

    Crash Dollar" in the English Reduction system equals 48

    Crash Dollar" in the English Ordinal system equals 111

    Run on Banks" in the English Reduction system equals
    39 / 48

    One thing is for sure if we do have problems Tomorrow Trump will blame Janet Yellen and not the Federal Reserve.

    Blame Yellen" in the English Reduction system equals 43

    Blame Yellen" in the English Ordinal system equals 106

    Civil War= 43 Prophecy= 106

    Raise Rate" in the English Ordinal system equals 96

    Raise Rate" in the English Reduction system equals 42 / 51

    Janet Yellen " in the English Ordinal system equals 123

    Janet Yellen " in the English Reduction system equals
    42 / 51

    1. The Fed" in the English Ordinal system equals 48

      223 is the 48th Prime Number.

  6. The gdxj which is one of the gold markets closed on 32.2 definitely something to this

  7. HUI which is the biggest gold stocks market.
    217. 2017?

    Gold =
    2017 seems the year for this market to go up? Any thoughts? Cheers

  8. Gold in the periodic table is AU which is 112 just like the colts Super Bowl stuff. Good year for gold as well as colts? Maybe colts winning streak will be following the gold price over the next few months?

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  10. He died at 69 burbank=69
    Its funny cus as a kid i used to play at the Pickwick ice center in burbank were he died i used to wear #69.

    1. Oh and to top ot off he was born march 1 or 3/1 hockey =31

  11. 69 and the death of Allan thicke also shares a lot with Adrian Petersons return story, Adrian Peterson equals 69. Allan Wilson thicke equals 69. Also I found a bunch of 39 coding, new York equals 39, as does Allan thicke removing his middle name, his characters name on growing pains was Jason seaver also in gemetria equals you guessed it 39, and if you take Adrian's injury which was a mcl injury, mcl equals 12 in ordinal and ten in reduction, ten in English reduction equals 39. still a lot of narrative that could support a playoff picture in the NFC featuring the Vikings and giants. and when you involve Indianapolis and 69 some sense of the superbowl.