Wednesday, January 11, 2017

33 59 | National news, death of 59-year-old NYPD officer, Steven McDonald, January 10, 2017 & his son, Conor McDonald

Oh, at 59?

Remember, I said we might see a lot of 59 in 2017.  59 is the 17th prime number.

This man died January 10, 2017.

1/10/2017 = 1+10+20+17 = 48 (New York = 39/48/111)

'Forgiveness', eh?

Steven McDonald has died from a heart attack, January 10, 2017.

Earth = 52 (Reshuffling of heart)

Central Park = 47/56/119
All Seeing Eye = 56/65/119; Star of David = 47/56/119; Master Plan = 38/47/119

The detail about a 'July afternoon' is curious.

His son, Conor McDonald, has '59' name gematria as well.


His initials, CM, are right for a 'police' as well.


  1. just from my observations I would suggest that news stories and gematria are part of a communication system for the freemason hacls - they hide everything in the open

    the news stories are so dumb, they have to serve a different function - send messages to each other

  2. Possible, but why can't they just use email?....oh Hillary ruined that.

  3. Funny how there's a new movie regarding the creator of McDonald restaurant.

    1. And it stars Michael Keaton,aka Beetlejuice.

    2. As a diabetic, keytones are horrible. They are build ups of proteins that gather in your bladder and can cause magor blood sugar issues and straight up death. So Mykill Keytone strikes a nerve.

    3. Wow synchronicity again. I just found an interesting link with the new McDonald's movie and why it's coming out now. I recommend checking out the 1988 and 1989 Wikipedia pages. They have a list of notable events day by day. (Trump=88 etc.) 1988 was the beginning of the FALL of the Soviet union. Will trump bring the FALL of the last "superpower" in the world? Russia and Asia were big "players" in the news those two years. Just like now with trump, Russia, and Asia.

      March 24th the first McDonald's in a communist country was opened in Belgrade. The beginning of the astrological new year, spring. The first McDonald's in Russia opened 5/23/89 in Moscow. Several parallels between 88/89 and 2016/17.

      The "SINGing revolution" another example. The animated movie sing in theaters now is a tribute to trump Apollo.
      See the "morning news" post.

      "The Singing Revolution is a commonly used name for events between 1987 and 1991 that led to the restoration of the independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.[1][2] The term was coined by an Estonian activist and artist, Heinz Valk, in an article published a week after the June 10–11, 1988, spontaneous mass night-singing demonstrations at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds."

      And the star of singing in the rain just "died."

      Also, 8888 uprising on 8/8/88 haha.

      And Bush and Quayle (Quayle from inDIANA)

      Bus collision in Kentucky 5-14

      Seikan tunnel in japan, longest tunnel in world (33.49 miles) until the gotthard tunnel which opened 2016 with an infamous "satanic" opening ceremony.

      6-14 Yellowstone wildfire burned 750,000 acres.

      7-14 Volkswagen closes American plant.

      8-11 al-Qaeda is formed.

      12-9 dodge Aries (Aries the RAM) debuted. There's a Viking dodge RAM commercial on tv lately. Tows 4.5 tons.

      Several rail crashes in 88/89

      Several airplane disasters, too


      3-22 asteroid 4581 ascelpius 700,000 km from earth. There was a story about an surprise asteroid passing earth yesterday.

      Few stories about Vatican and Poland

      9-30 7000 east Germans on refugee trains

      Denver airport construction began in November.

      11-6 6 Jesuits priests murdered. Uca scholars

      Last golden toad seen haha. GOLDEN TOAD. Been seeing a lot of those on the internet haha.

    4. 1986 to 2017 is 31-years.
      McDonald's = 31
      I almost made this exact point....

    5. "Monday at 7:47 A.M. EST, an asteroid passed by Earth at about half the distance between our planet and the Moon—roughly 119,500 miles, reports Mike Wall at The space rock, dubbed 2017 AG13 was on the "smallish" size as far as asteroids go, Wall reports, thought to be between 36 and 111 feet wide."

    6. I was reading an interesting article about the "occult law of the 33 year rhythm."

      That's what got me thinking about 88/89 and today.

      Also, the truck that hit that indiana bridge was owned by TWINS trucking. Haha. Also happened to read about twin voodoo spirits...can't remember their names at the moment.

    7. "Marassa: The divine twins

      The Ghede loa have their own versions of the Twins, which appear as gravediggers. Twins are seen as having divine insight and vision. They also are part in the material world and the spiritual world (in their case, the living and the dead). They usually wear contrasting colors.

      Ghede Oussou wears a black or mauve jacket marked on the back with a white cross and a black or mauve headscarf. His name means "tipsy" due to his love of white rum. Ghede Oussou is sometimes also linked with the female Ghede L'Oraille"

      Ghede Masaka assists Ghede Nibo. He is an androgynous or transgender male gravedigger and spirit of the dead, recognized by his black shirt, white jacket, and white headscarf."édé

      Reminds me of the Saudi twins in Turkey new year's hoax.

    8. Keaton=66
      Cain and abel=66

    9. It is actually a 28 year cycle that we live in. Every 4 years giving us a leap year, making 2/29 happen on a different day of the week every four years. The calander will look exactly the same every 28 years, days falling on the same days of the week. There are anomalies, of course, because we don't leap on century years that are not divisible by 400. 1800, 1700, 1900, no leap year, but 1600 and 2000 we did.

      Check out the wiki for the number 28 down in the other uses section.

    10. Great information LOA.

  4. Just saw an article @ about a massive ice storm expected to hit the central U.S.

    Posted by Alex SOSNOWSKI ... -- "SO SNOW SKI" -- ...
    for a WEATHER site ... About an ICE STORM.


    1. Ha! They just did the same thing in the Pacific Northwest. Great eyes!

  5. Read this in a book the other day ... The Star Of David, Seal Of Solomon, Hexagram etc ... this figure is the geometrical depiction of 'Thirty-Three' ...

    1. Which book was that, Dar? I'd like to see what else is there. Sounds like a good one.

    2. It's that one I was on about before, 'The Architects OF America', by Russell Blackwell. I keep bouncing from book to book :) ... bought too many at once and wanna read em all :D ha. It's got some brilliant stuff in it though.

    3. I put a link to it on my googleplus page.

  6. The first modern professional police force was an organization known as the Bow Street Runners in London. It was formed by the famous author of "Tom Jones" and judge, Henry Fielding.

    Bow Street Runners = 74
    London = 74

    Fielding made himself the enemy of the Royal Academy of Sciences with his scathing editorials as "Captain Hercules Vinegar." He's one of my favorite authors.

  7. Thanks! I lm gonna order it this weekend.

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