Tuesday, January 24, 2017

50 138 | Brexit stalled by Britain's Supreme Court, January 24, 2017 +Donald Trump & Brexit

Brexit was part of the NWO (Freemasonic) agenda, directly connected to what is now going on in the United States of America with the election of Donald Trump.

Theresa May.  Margaret Thatcher.  What do those names have in common?

Hillary Clinton is part of this riddle, the Democratic opponent to Trump.

Recall, the Brexit vote was June 23, 2016, which caused David Cameron to resign, and Theresa May to become the P.M. of the U.K.  Further, recall that Donald Trump was in the U.K. for the vote.  That vote was exactly 138-days before the U.S. election, November 8, 2016, which Trump "won".

Notice it is Article 50 that is the focus of discussion today.

They voted 8-3?