Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Montagraph knows gematria... so who else does? And who is Montagraph?

The above video was posted by Montagraph using his alt account.

This comes after Montagraph's 'squirrel' story...

Again, this is one of Montagraph's backup channels.  The proof is in the video.  In the eyes of this man shown in the video, he uses his logo from his other alt channel, "iamyourghost".  Also, this channel weeks ago, made a video posting my address.

I am really wondering who Montagraph is.  He says he is a remote viewer, and from my research, remote viewing is actually a U.S. military intelligence practice.


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    1. Zach I thought you looked down on people for finding out who the actors are by birth name. I do it all the time and you used to delete me. Now here you are trying to figure out who this actor is. Send this link to Ed Chiarini. 90% chance he will tell you who this guy is. I'm serious. Check that I'll send this to him.

  2. the fuck.....did I just watch...

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  4. XDDD I can't believe this guy

  5. so the physics we use on Earth is...lacking
    remote viewing doesn't make sense unless you know 'space' is full, full of energy
    so you push your consciousness into 'space' and travel around in it
    sounds like science fiction, but science fiction is science fact and high school physics is the fiction

  6. wow...DIVIDE & CONQUER in the truth seeking community... Ridiculous... Its supposed to be about exposing the dark practices taking place to continue mental slavery but instead the 'Truth speakers' are now attacking each other... This all getting to be bullshit. Most of these people on the message boards only give a shit about making more fiat currency of predicitons and sports picks or they want to troll these outside of the box ideas and their research results. People need to wake the fuck up.

    1. I don't think your mind is operating properly. None of your words make any sense.

  7. Unless you're working together to create drama to get more hits. More eyeballs equals more awake people

    1. Here is a troll account. Notice how the trolls work.

    2. Montagraph= 113 Im yourghost= 62 Mason=62.

  8. more negative bull shit...good job as always

  9. America is a military psyop, I've been saying this for ages. We have all been "volunteered" to serve Uncle Sam, in the civilian division. Why else do they track our spending habits and bombard us 24/7 with advertising?
    What flies in America gets exported to the rest of the world, just repackaged in forms designed to appeal to local sensibilities. We r like a literal simulation in that regard and maybe more.

    Onward Christian or (insert religuon of choice) soldiers!

    1. Yep -- that is how WE constitute the REAL "Truman Show".

      The few left who AREN'T part of the **"Organized Cast"**
      are constantly scrutinized as the "Test Subjects" --
      the indicators of each Simulation's "Effectiveness".

      Find (on Netflix) -- the show "LIMITLESS" --
      Season 1 Episode 6 -- "Side Effects May Include ...".

      There is a "side story" that perfectly portrays the FBI conducting a "RED TEAM vs BLUE TEAM" (supposed) "SIMULATION".
      (Apparently there's also an episode of "The Good Wife" that depicts this.)

      The scenario presented is an EXACT representation of what went down in FERGUSON, MO. ... & this originally aired (about) 5 years ago!

      And that ... MARTIAL LAW / A POLICE STATE ...

      When I saw that (recently) -- the PRECISE PARALLELS blew me away!

      **"Organized Cast"** -- brings to mind 2 alternative meanings:

      -- The well-planned "Casting of a Spell" upon the populace.
      Steering them to BELIEVE THINGS THAT ARE NOT "REAL".

      -- The "Organization" of the Populace into "CASTES".
      RULERS vs PEONS.

      These Team-Based "SIMULATIONS" -- (ie "TESTS") -- are conducted Everywhere -- All the Time -- Across EVERY Level of Government, Academia, Business, etc.

      Little wonder that Everything "SEEMS" Fake ...
      Because from SOME "Perspective" -- it probably IS.

  10. Hmm ... "Remote Viewers" see what you are doing -- without you being aware of it. He's probably referring to surveillance that involves technology -- not mind reading.

    Since he knows Gematria -- the "message" appears to be in what's on the dashboard ... ("Dashboard" is slang for Coded Message Board).

    "94.7" is deliberately shown repeatedly --
    & "The Ghost" emerges (clearly) from HIS eyeballs @ 00:47.

    "94.7" ... 9 = "I" in Pythagorean ... 47 = "U" in Bacon.

    "NASH" is shown -- in between -- 3 separate times.

    Using Bacon, "NASH" = (40+27)+(45+34)= 67+79= 146

    Reduced: 4+9+9+7 = 29 ... 29 = "C" (in Bacon).

    "94.7 NASH" = ... 9 ... then - move the decimal to the left by one space to get "47" ... which means to also do that with "NASH" -- so "NASH" gets inserted between "9" & "47"

    " 9 NASH 47 " = 9 29 47 = I C U ... " I SEE YOU ".

    Like he said -- he's a "Remote Viewer".

    The words "ON NASH" are deliberately shown 3 separate times.

    Using Bacon (all caps) ...

    ON = 41 + 40 = 81/9 ...

    NASH = (40+27)+(45+34) = 67 + 79 = 146 /29 /11/2

    ON NASH = 81 + 146 = 227 ... Reduced = 38

    Can't say for sure what "ON NASH" is referring to -- but 227, 38 & 11 are very significant numbers ... & he specifically CHOSE TO SHOW THEM -- repeatedly -- in this video.
    Which means they're being shown for a reason & they ARE "Part Of the Message".

    He could be broadcasting about other things as well ...

    ... and USING YOU -- as "The Voice Of GEMATRIA" -- to represent The TYPE OF CIPHER to be used. (Just speculating here -- keeping the mental box open.)

    There may even be implications that an upcoming plan for "NASH"-VILLE ... is "ON".

    What I do feel certain about though, is the "I SEE YOU" coded message.

    I don't believe that this is a "crazy lone wolf" -- this is a Cyber Terrorist who works at APPEARING unhinged.

    While he's scaring viewers with his creepiness -- they may not not be noticing that he's also conveying messages for "Those With The Eyes To See".

    Mostly -- I'm glad to find out that Montagraph is also Imyourghost.

    I recall seeing that one before.

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