Saturday, August 12, 2017

52 174 | TED Talks and the homosexual who gave one promoting travel to the solar eclipse, August 21, 2017

Are TED talks programming from the same 'authority' as the rest of media (those who control the system)?

Authority = 52; Government = 52; TED Talks = 52; TED = 52; NWO = 52

If you listen to the presentation, he says how the first total eclipse he ever saw, in Aruba, was 174 seconds long.  New World Order = 174; Number of the Beast = 174; NWO = 52

Here are the unnecessary programming points that are in this TED Talk on the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse:

-He makes the point he is a homosexual, while talking about total solar eclipses he has seen
-He makes the point he does not believe in God and separates science and spirituality
-He promotes people to travel to eclipses and buy protective eyewear made for eclipses

This type of stuff is in all mainstream programming, and other TED Talks.

Why does it matter if he is gay?  Why does he have to discredit God to say that he likes science?  The second part was done to my generation all throughout public education, but not the gay part.  The gay part is over the top.  They're raising a generation of fat asses who are going to take it up the ass, it's very sad.  But it is a progression.

There's that quote coming to mind.  It's something something... In the end, you won't remember the things people said, you'll remember the things they didn't say when they still could.