Tuesday, May 21, 2019

45 | US intercepts Russian bombers off Alaska, May 21, 2019 news


This news comes May 21, 2019.

5/21/19 = 5+21+19 = 45

Today is 226-days after Putin's birthday, or his 227th day of his age.


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  1. "US Intercepts Russian Bombers Off Alaska" = ** 223 rr
    Although if Sarah Palin (former Alaska governor & VP candidate with John McCain) could "see Russia from her back porch" -- as she'd claimed -- then of course Russian & U.S. airspace is going to overlap, right? Tsk, tsk.
    If these so-called intercepts (which seem to occur pretty regularly) were charted, it seems likely that a pattern would emerge ... one that shows how these "announcements" are actually signals about something else. :D ;D


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