Tuesday, May 21, 2019

93 | Great Barrier Reef in decline, April 3, 2019 news


This report came April 3, 2019, the 93rd day of the year.

It goes to show, even important matters are reported by the numbers.

The Great Barrier Reef is truly in decline, as are most living things on the planet.


  1. Wow woopedy doo...thanks for yet another boring ass number decode... I can picture you just sitting on your computer all day with your little calculator doing all this crap, which although most likely true, is ultimately meaningless....

    1. I can picture you just sitting on your computer all day with your little mind making useless comments like this.

    2. Nah. Not all day. Has to take time out from the meaningless crap posting to use sock puppet accounts for fundraising and other important scam related stuff.

  2. Hey Zach, Thanks for your work. If you have time, could you cover Madonna's fucked up Ritual Show in Israel at the Eurovision Song contest on May 18 2019? So much symbolic shit happening - Israel and Palestina Flag showing - People wearing gas masks - destruction of the old religions etc... Would be interesting to see your take on it. Cheers.

  3. "Mass Bleaching" = 113 eo
    First they blamed it both on pollution & scuba diving tourists touching the coral ... then on radiation fallout from nuclear submarines & overuse of sonar technology ... & even a mysterious fungus ... all of which are cumulatively plausible. Never mentioned however, is the likelihood that there's a valuable resource underneath the seabed in that area which is being extracted obliquely -- killing the coral from "below" as well as from "above" -- a commodity that will be even easier to access once the reef is officially declared "dead". Recall too that there are still those out there who continuously push to harvest the remaining few of the Old Redwood trees -- people who see Nature as an enemy to be vanquished. :D ;D


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