Saturday, May 25, 2019

30 42 102 185 | The winning 102nd points by the Harlem Money in Hollywood's Uncle Drew

Uncle Drew is a movie with one twisted joke in numbers.  If you haven't seen it, it is about basketball, and notice, it released on the 185th day of the year.

The team that is the center of focus in the film is the 'Harlem Monkey'.

In the end, the Harlem Money wins with 102-points on a buzzer beater three-pointer.

Pay attention to how often NBA games end with 102-points.

And last, notice how Uncle Drew ties in.

Harlem also factors in.

The film released 98-days after Kyrie Irving's birthday.

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  1. June 29th is (K)awhi Leonard's Birthday and (K)yrie Irving's character "Uncle Drew" wears the #2, like Kawhi. The letter "K" is the 11th letter and Bi(ll) Russe(ll) has 11 Championships with the Celtics.
    "Letter K"=98(Reverse Ordinal)
    The "Hidden In Plain Sight" Freemasonic message in the movie was telling us that the Celtics would remain on 11 Championships with Kyrie for the 2018-19 NBA Season.

    Kawhi turned 27 on the day "Uncle Drew" was released.
    "Money"=27(Full Red.)


    From Kawhi's bday on 6/29 to 3/23 (Kyrie's bday) a span of 15 months, 6 days (156).
    "Bill Russell"=156(Reverse Ordinal)

    "Uncle Drew"=42(Full Red.)
    "Bill Russell"=42(Full Red.)
    The number 42 stereotype coded in the title of the film.

    "Uncle Drew"=2019(Reverse Extended)


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