Wednesday, May 22, 2019

40 74 102 111 142 | John Walker Lindh, 'American Taliban, to be released from prison, May 22, 2019 news

This news comes May 22, the 142nd day of the year.

The underlying theme here is "terrorist".

Recall, the September 11 attacks lasted 1 hour 42 minutes, or 102 minutes.  Notice the emphasis on 'American Taliban'.

Today is 102-days after his February 9, 2019 birthday.

Notice John Walker Lindh was born on the 40th day of the year and has a name summing to 74.

Then admire the coordinates of the World Trade Center.

His birthday has 111 numerology, like how September 11 leaves 111-days left in the year, and how New York sums to 111.

2/9/1981 = 2+9+19+81 = 111

His full name sums to 117, like Central Intelligence Agency.

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  1. Lindh's released 11 days after the 5/11 death of 67 yr old Thomas Silverstein, in LAKEWOOD,CO (Lakewood is where a semi crashed on April 25, blocking a bridge -- posted by Zach 4/26). Silverstein served the longest time in Solitary Confinement, EVER -- over 35 years.
    The timing of this Lindh "news" looks suspiciously like a distraction. Not only is there little reason to believe that "Lindh" is real &/or ever served any actual prison time, but the connection of this (supposed) "terrorist's release" to themes of Taliban/terrorism & 9/11 is also interesting because Solitary Confinement Guy is named "Silverstein" -- & that's the same last name as the guy who collected billions in insurance & Gov payouts for the collapsing of the WTCs ... even though there's audio proof that (NYC) Silverstein himself ordered WTC Bldg 7 to be "pulled".
    I know the 2 Silverstein's probably aren't connected, but it's still an interesting "coincidence".
    Besides, what better smokescreen to distract from the True horrors of the American prison system, (as exemplified by the "normalcy" of someone spending decades in solitary, trapped in a cage PETA would never approve of), than the supposed release of a "terrifying terrorist" -- reportedly because our system is fair & just. It all feels very contrived & the timing is way too convenient ... :D ;D


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