Sunday, May 26, 2019

13 47 | 47-year-old man charged with giving drugs to 13-year-old girl, May 26, 2019 news

A 47-year-old man dropped her off around 4:47.  Go figure.

As for the girl being 13, it reminds of the moon and its 13 cycles.  47 is a 'time' number after all.


  1. 103 - 103rd Running of the Indy 500.
    33 car race, cute.
    Today is the 26th, date numbers have been super strong with all sports as of recent.
    The Rahal Letterman Leitner Team is going for their 26th win all time, on the 26th. The team has a driver in the 26th position named Jordan King.
    Jordan King = 103 EO
    Jordan King like King of Jordan
    Jordan King #42 driver

  2. Amendment VIII of the Bill of Rights states: "Excessive Bail Shall Not Be Required". Unless Rivera is very wealthy, setting bail at $750,000 seems Excessive -- especially since No Provable Cause Of Death has even been determined yet. However ...
    It does give the orchestrators of this Summer Fear Porn a good excuse for keeping him out of the public's sight. Following up with a (supposed) guilty plea & jail sentence can tie it all up without (most) people ever suspecting that it was all part of a campaign to frighten parents at the onset of summer.
    We see these every year -- 'Your Kids Are Gonna Die' campaigns -- which have created fictionalized deaths from: Alligators, MRSA, Killer Bacteria, Drowning, Refrigerators, Roller Coasters ... & on & on.
    Know Where Your Kids Are" campaigns apparently don't have enough shock & edge to them ... "news stories" however, do scare the hell out of people. And ultimately that's all they're out to do -- add more stress & trauma to people's daily lives ... hoping that the public will be too distracted & weary to think about what is Actually happening around them.
    Of course this stuff happens -- it's nothing new -- but this local story is certainly not worthy of national coverage via CNN. That's another "tell" that this is a Social Agenda Message. :D ;D


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