Friday, May 24, 2019

58 76 146 158 236 | Theresa May announces resignation, May 24, 2019 +Will resign June 7, 2019

In May, Theresa May announces she will resign, her last day being June 7, or 7/6, like 76.

As for the date June 7, or 7/6...

The 'Tories' will choose the new leader.

The date June 7 can also be written 6/7, like 67.

Today is 235-days after her 62nd birthday.  23.5 degrees on each leg of the compass.

It is also her 236th day of her age, and the Brexit vote was June 23, or 23/6, like 236.

Notice the emphasis on 'deep regret'.

Theresa May was known as the "New Iron Lady".

Keep in mind June 7 is the 158th day of the year.

This resignation announcement comes on her 1,046th day as Prime Minister.

Notice how Downing Street fits in.

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