Friday, May 31, 2019

Memorial Tournament Day 2 Update

Yesterday's leader had the '41', or 'Memorial' connection.  Same with today.

Read about yesterday:

The tournament began 279-days after his birthday, and ends 282-days after (283).
283, the 61st prime; Ohio = 61

As for Martin Kaymer, the tournament began 153-days after his birthday, and ends 156-days after.

*Martin = 75 (75 date numerology for Day 2, where he is tied for first place)

As for Troy Merritt, his surname connects to Memorial.

The tournament began 217-days after his birthday and will end 220-days after.

The tournament began 75-days after his birthday, and ends 78-days after (79).
*William Cauley = 79 (22nd prime); Golf = 22; Cauley = 22

*Patrick Cantlay = 55

The tournament began 74-days (75) after his birthday, and ends 77-days after.

*The tournament began on a 74 date numerology, and the leader's name on Day 1 summed to 74.

He is at the top of the board on the 75 date numerology.  5/31/2019 = 5+31+20+19 = 75


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