Saturday, May 18, 2019

37 40 44 62 73 86 | Austin Eubanks, Columbine survivor, found dead at 37, May 18, 2019

Columbine has been in the news A LOT this year.

1.  Columbine student who began #mylastshot campaign
2.  Brazil school shooting inspired by Columbine shooters
3.  Florida woman obsessed with Columbine causes 19 school districts to go on lockdown
4.  STEM school shooting near Columbine
5.  Now this

Notice the man, Austin Eubanks, was 37.

The name Eubanks connects to shooting as well.

Notice how his name jives with 'Columbine'.

Last, his name sums to 86, like blood sacrifice.

He has been found dead on a date with 62 numerology as well.

5/18/2019 = 5+18+20+19 = 62

His surname connects to 'sacrifice' as well.


  1. The NBA is in the 73rd Season and Kevin Durant who is currently DNP, attended the University of Texas at AUSTIN. Durant was injured on 5/8(58/85) in Game 5 of the 2018-19 NBA Playoff's.

    "Columbine Survivor"=85(Full Red.)
    "Eighty-Five"=62(Full Red.) The next integer after 85 is 86(86/68).
    "Kevin Durant"=68(Full Red.)

  2. more anti-gun propaganda
    I don't believe these people existed. They are made up characters, scripted for the propaganda.

  3. "Welfare check" also equals 62, in Reverse Reduction, as in "the police cared so much about this man's safety that an OFFICER (37RR) performed a welfare check, only to tragically discover that he was dead. Oops!"


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