Saturday, May 25, 2019

74 | Hulu has live sports +Damian Lillard & Giannis Antetokounmpo

I think these Hulu ads are telling the fans "who took the money".

Damian Lillard purposefully played to lose in WCF.

Giannis is playing just like Lillard in ECF with horrible decisions and turnovers (and calling to be benched in the last minute of a close game?).

Portland = 100 / 37; Milwaukee = 100 / 37

And notice whats behind that phrase, 'Hulu has live sports'.


  1. both teams were referenced in the State Farm commercials this season with Chris Paul too. The Buck damaged the garage and they were watching a blazers game when the mascot shot the t-shirt gun

  2. Welp you couldn’t have made it more clear Zach, great job. Raptors win their 100th mood f he season game with 100 points closing out the series in Toronto at ‘Scotia Bank Arena’ which = 100. ‘Kawhi Leonard’ = 541 satanic, the 100th prime. With all the numbers and KD’s bogus injury it kinda looks like it’s set up for the Raptors to win their first ever.. and Kawhi would be known as the Threepeat stopper. He and the Spurs stopped LeBron and D Wade from three-peating in Miami. If there’s a Game 7 then it’s as clear as day. It’s be raptors 107th game played, ‘Raptors’ = 107 ordinal. Kawhi and Stephen curry’s birthdays are exactly 107 days apart. It’s the 28th prime and Kawhi will be 28 yrs old 13 days after what would be Game 7. Warriors have played Raptors 45 times all time. 7 more games would make it 52 times. ‘Kawhi’ = 52 ordinal. Steph Curry’s dad used to play for the Raptors and Steph would practice in their arena as a kid. Theres a lot tied into this Finals including Drake of course. Warriors leaving Oracle arena this off season too

  3. Also Drake will be turning 33 years old this year on October 24th. Warriors if they lost this Finals would end up with 33 total losses on the year

  4. Oh and from Drakes 10/24/18 birthday until the start of these finals is 218 days. ‘Kawhi Anthony Leonard’ = 218

  5. Trav I Luh it brother. Hespect keep it up. Looking good.


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