Sunday, March 26, 2017

33 47 137 | 'Polestar', what the top of Masonic Compass (compasses) represents & the 47 degrees

The Compass is set at 47 Degrees, and at the top of the Compass is the 'Polestar' having Gematria of 47.  The Polestar or Pole Star is the North Star.

Recall Euclid's 47th Problem, very important to Freemasonry.  It is about how to created a perfectly square foundation with the Polestar.

How to establish 'foundation'... the 47th Problem of Euclid?

It all comes back to the sun and the Tropics and time, 47 degrees apart.

 Where's the coincidence theorists at?

As for Euclid and the Square, both names connect back to '27' and '33'.

27 = 3 cubed, or 3^3 (Sort of like '33')

Think about the 90 degree angles in a square.

Around the G, are 47 degrees from the compass, and 90 degrees from the square, for a total of 137 degrees.

Read about the Freemason Compass & Washington D.C. right here:

Read more about the Compass, 47 and 333 here:

Again, consider the Zionist nation of Israel being established by the United Nations on the 333rd day of 1947.

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