Sunday, March 12, 2017

71 | NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament set on the 71st day of the year, March 12, 2016 +Catholic, Villanova, and Gonzaga?

Todays is March 12, 2017, the 71st day of the year.

Catholic = 71; Talmud = 71

For the headline story, Gonzaga, the Catholic / Jesuit school.   Like I've said, I've seen ESPN putting the same numbers on the screen with Gonzaga, as we saw in this most recent Super Bowl.

UCLA has the 'Jesuit' '187' connections as well:

Last year, we saw Villanova win its 35th game of the season, as the Catholic School, winning the Men's Tournament, synched up perfectly with the departure of the Catholic Pope, the first Jesuit Pope.  It's a story I like to call 191-days later.

Society of Jesus = 191 (191-days from Pope's departure from U.S. on Jesuit Order's birthday, September 27, 2015, to April 4, 2016, the day Villanova won the Championship over North Carolina)

191, the 43rd Prime; Champion (Look at scoring in each half)
Tar Heels = 34/43

Remember, it was 74-74, with 4.7 left?

Jesus = 74; Cross = 74; Gospel = 74; Messiah = 74; Jesus Christ = 74
Christian = 47

Villanova won with '77'.  Christ = 77

74+77 = 151; Jesus Christ = 151; 151, the 36th Prime; Villanova = 36 (2016 = 20+16 = 36)

It was 'Big Smooth' who hit the game winner.

Villanova = 108; Big Smooth = 108; Coastal Carolina Chanticleers = 108, Cubs..; Geometry = 108

It was the 144th straight game, an NCAA record, for the Villanova PG who got the winning assist.

Forty-Four = 144
April Fourth = 144

The Championship was April 4, 2016.  4/4/2016 = 4+4+20+16 = 44

In the Final 4, Villanova beat their opponent by '44', an NCAA record.

See my work on last year's game, there is a lot on the blog and YouTube channel.

The first game, on Pi Day, March 14.  They're in Ohio.  Time = 47; Ohio = 47

With the heavy Catholic representation, I like Villanova to win the East.  If they won in the Final 4, it would be their 61st win.  Jesus = 61; Cross = 61; Church = 61; God = 61; more...

Last year, their championship was their 57th Tournament Win all-time.

Fifty-Seven = Championship = Super Bowl = 131
World Series = 57; NBA Finals = 57

Gonzaga vs Villanova, a Catholic / Jesuit Final 4 meeting seems destined.

Gonzaga vs Arizona for the Elite 8 also makes sense.  Arizona = 84; Jesuit = 84

Kansas had to lay down for Villanova last year, perhaps the payoff is this year.  The Championship is on April 3, or 3/4.  Kansas is the 34th State, the last to join before the Civl War.  Civil War = 43

Louisville could also get a tribute with Muhammad Ali.

There is a lot of work to be done with this bracket.  That Michigan plane wreck story probably factors in.

Funny how I saw that strong pairing for a North Carolina and UCLA matchup.  They will likely meet in the Elite 8 for the South.  That said, we should give Kentucky a check.

More research needs to be done here as well.  Find out who has the "Catholic Connections".

****We should also look into a potential pattern between championship team and original bracket they came from.