Tuesday, March 21, 2017

49 57 58 88 | March 21, 2017 headlines, electronics ban at airports & Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearing

All the "consequences" for the war on terror, are inconveniences of the people.

Remember, Trump won the 58th Presidential "selection".

See my work on Gorsuch up this point:

It has been 49-days since his nomination January 31, 2017:

January 31, or 1/31...

1/31/17 = 1+31+17 = 49

Here's also a reader contribution on today's news.  Interesting they heard someone say 47-days.  We know why... Washington D.C. is built around the number '47', and '47' is highly relevant to the judge position.

I predict Gorsuch will be a member of the Supreme Court officially on March 29, 2017, 57-days after his nomination, and a span of 411-days from the death of Atonin Scalia on February 13, 2016.

Freemason = 411; Assassin = 411

Recall, they had the viewing of Scalia's body at the Supreme Court on a date with '57' numerology.

Neil Gorsuch = 58; Freemasonry =  58; Secret Society = 58; Annuit Coeptis
*Trump, the winner of the 58th Presidential Election

March 29 will also be the 88th day of the year, fitting for a Trump nomination.

Also, up above, don't overlook the headline about a 'big, gray cloud' over the White House.