Monday, August 27, 2018

13 41 99 | JJ Watt provides 1-year update on $41-million raised for Hurricane Harvey flood victims of August 27, 2017 forward

$41.6-million, eh?

CNN's subheadline says "$41-million".

41, the 13th prime; Super Bowl = 41 (Reduction)
Thirteen = 99 (Ordinal)

Recall, Houston was flooded by the numbers after hosting Super Bowl 51, and this upcoming NFL season is the 99th season of the NFL.

This article is clearly written for an audience that cannot do the math.

The first question, how does $41-million-dollars pay for 26-million meals?  What meal can you get for less than $1.50 / per?  But that isn't all, supposedly this $41-million paid for 26-million meals, 600 homes, 420-childhood centers and medical care for 10,000 patients.

ALSO, don't forget that 26 has to do with 'flood' and 'Torah'.  See last year's work on the Houston flood, or read about it in my book.

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