Friday, August 31, 2018

20 38 42 77 | Aretha Franklin's funeral, August 31, 2018, by the numbers +John McCain's body in D.C. the same day

John McCain's and Aretha Franklin's burials, both in the news, August 31, 2018. Today is the day of Aretha's funeral, and in McCain's case, his body is now on the 77th Meridian in D.C.

Of course, the date is right for it.

8/31/2018 = 8+31+20+18 = 77

And those D.C. coordinates...

United States = 77; Judaism = 77; Zionist = 77; Jew = 38

Notice they dressed Aretha in all gold.

What's comical is they have #42, Bill Clinton, in attendance for Aretha Franklin.

Don't forget the rituals with 42 and Aretha.

Notice she is at the Greater Grace Temple, or the GG Temple, or the 77 Temple.

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