Sunday, August 26, 2018

17 31 74 88 93 | QAnon supporter Lionel in the White House, Thursday, August 23, 2018, by the numbers +"We are Q"

QAnon is known as 'Q' for short, and not by accident.

It began on 4chan.

This is a special number to the Masons.  El = 17; Zeus = 17; God = 17...

Modern Freemasonry began June 24, 1717, emphasis on 1717.

Watch the first 2-minutes of the Comedy Central sketch making fun of numerology / gematria and QAnon:

A Mason, Vladimir Lennon, once said this...

Of course, they mention what he wrote about QAnon on July 4, or 7/4.

QAnon is a half truthing psyop, mixing in facts, such as the conspiracies of 9/11, Sandy Hook and the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas shooting, with OBVIOUS LIES, such as Donald Trump being the opposition to the New World Order (or Deep State), and the "Democratic Pizza Gate Operation".

Things the QAnon psyop would never share:

Why Adam Lanza reportedly weighed 112 lbs:
Why the majority of students at Stoneman Douglas were shot in Room 1214:
Why Osama was "killed" 119-weeks after Obama took office:
Why Osama's dad died in a plane crash, on the day leaving 119-days left in the year:
Why Las Vegas shooting was on October 1, Yom Kippur Weekend:
Why Stephen Paddock had a 13 on his neck:
The predictive programming & rigged selection of Donald Trump for President:
Trump, Mueller, Washington D.C. 187 & More:
How Pizzagate was a psyop to introduce censorship of online truth community:
The Story:  Fake News Gets Real, Edgar Maddison Welch at Comet Pizza:
That Alex is a shill operation (just like QAnon):

Notice, Lion was in the White House Thursday, August 23, a day prior to his tweet.

8/23 = 8+23 = 31

The date of his tweet is also right.  8/24 = 8+24 = 32

It isn't hard to see Lionel is an Ashkenazi.

Lionel also visited the White House in his last days of being 59-years-old, born in '58.

Freemasonry = 59 (Hebrew and English)

Trump, winner of 58th U.S. Presidential Election
Trump, hired 58-year-old Steve Ray for Inauguration Day
Trump, announced he was running for President from 58-story Trump Tower
Hillary put out the book 'What Happened' about why she lost; What Happened = 58

The conspiracy analyst visited on Trump's 71st day of his age, August 23.

71 is the reflection of 17; Q = 17

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  1. Heyyyy Zach! Long time! Hope you are well. Check out the numbers for the phrases "Q sent me" and "Q sent us"... also popular with that crowd...



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