Friday, August 31, 2018

22 59 64 79 93 511 | Odell Beckham Jr'.s back tattoos (What stands out to you?) +Hebrew Israelites theory & Gematria evidence +Michael Jackson's sexual abuse allegations

Before we get to Odell's tattoos...

The 930th chapter of the Bible is where the Christian section begins, Mathew 1:1.

Keep in mind the Christian portion of the Bible was written by the Greeks, who are also credited with mapping the distance of the earth to the sun, the measurement that we recognize as 93-million-miles.

 Now, time to get to Odell Beckham Jr., #13.

Jesus, and his 12 disciples (1+12... = 13)
The sun, 93-million-miles away, and the 12 constellations... (1+12... = 13)

A crumbling Chrysler Building?  A decapitated Statue of Liberty?

We know the elites that use their athletes as canvases for their plans are repetitive...

Could we see another New York attack not too far off?  Within 33-years of 2016?

Notice the gematria of Chrysler Building...


'93 WTC Bombing; G-Men = 39; New York = 39; NYC = 39; NY = 39

Perhaps in 2093, the great, great, great, grandson of the Blind Sheik will strike again.

Later I'll take a greater stab at this.  It is hard to overlook the dead faces on his body as well...

It's Black History Month...

Notice the Partition of Israel was drawn on September 3, 1947, emphasis on 9/3.

September 3 leaves 119-days left in the year.
Star of David = 119
Orthodox = 119

The partition was the division, or boundaries being set for the future Jewish State.



59... 159...

Don't make me go back and get that September 15, or 15/9 headline, about an officer shooting a 'black man'....


79, the 22nd prime

Last point, Odell Beckham Jr. is 25-years-old at the time of this back tattoos revelation... which relates to his birthday, and Saturn being the keeper of time...

November 5, or 5/11, like 511...

This news came 68-days before his 26th birthday.


Bonus Content:  Think about Obama, #44, MLK on 4/4, Malcolm X on a date with 44 numerology, and those running backs at Syracuse who all wore #44.

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