Thursday, August 30, 2018

33 43 46 55 59 62 143 159 165 257 | The murder of Gangsta Ern of 59 Brim Bloods, July 25, 1992, San Diego, California

This killing happened on Saturday July 25, 1992.  25/7 >>> 257

257 is the 55th prime

They were killed on 'North Avenue'.

The killing happened on the 4600 block.

The men killed were part of the gang, the 5-9 Brim Bloods.

Coming back to North Avenue, the date went with the location.

7/25/1992 = 7+25+19+92 = 143

More on the Scottish Rite parallel below...

First, the name of the avenue also connects to 'ritual sacrifice'.

Notice his uncle had a rap name of Gansta Ern.

Gangsta Ern went in dressed as a policeman.

This happened in San Diego.

The date of the killing left 159-days left in the year.

Uncle Ern was Ernest Alexander.  Alexander = 159

Even more...

Again, the men killed were in the 5-9 Brim Bloods.

Freemasonry = 59 (Hebrew and English)
59, the 17th prime; Mason = 17; Kill = 17

With regards to Freemasonry, they mention the man being robbed was 33-years-old.

Again, the men were dressed as police.

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