Sunday, March 13, 2016

57 78 | Bill Self, Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Coach, why his numbers align for 2016 NCAA Tournament

Billy = 2+9+3+3+7 = 24 (Bill = 2+9+3+3 = 17)
Eugene = 5+3+7+5+5+5 = 30
Self = 1+5+3+6 = 15/24
Billy Eugene Self = 69/78 (78th Tournament this year)
Bill Self = 32/41

Billy = 2+9+12+12+25 = 60 (Bill = 2+9+12+12 = 35)
Eugene = 5+21+7+5+14+5 = 57
Self = 19+5+12+6 = 42
Billy Eugene Self = 159
Bill Self = 77

12/27/1962 = 12+27+19+62 = 120
12/27/1962 = 12+27+(1+9+6+2) = 57 (Championship connection)
12/27/1962 = 1+2+2+7+1+9+6+2 = 30
12/27/62 = 12+27+62 = 101

Bill Self, who replaced Roy Williams (North Carolina Head Coach), is 3-0 against Williams in the tournament, another favorite for the championship..


  1. I was thinking Kansas too, until I started decoding and now I am think Michigan State. I haven't done enough to pick all final four yet. But I think it is safe to say Kansas will be there.

    1. Izzo got big tributes in last years tourney so I am wondering about them as well.

  2. Peyton Manning gave a speech not long ago. Discussing how he hopes jared goff breaks his rookie interception record.

    Jared Thomas Goff = 888
    Interception =888
    North Carolina =888

    Story written by
    Sean Wagner-McGough = 1086/181
    The triple eights =1086/181

    Not really sure what to make of this

    1. Video at the top of the article... 1:29

      129 is the other number that matches
      the triple eights = 1086/181/129

      So I think it's pretty clear, Zach can you please dig a little deeper into North Carolina?

    2. UNC = 11, 38, 228
      University of North Carolina = 133
      Carolina = 37, 73
      North Carolina = 67, 148
      Established 1789
      seventeen eigty nine = 99 or 18, 66 or 12
      North Carolina is the 12th state
      Tarheels = 34, 88
      North Carolina Tarheels = 101 or 11, 191
      Chapel Hill = 50, 86
      Tarheels had a 14-4 conference record, 144
      tournament bids = 46
      Home record = 211 or 112
      Carolina blue = 50, 113
      White 29, 65, 390 or 39, 722
      Carolina blue and white = 89, 197
      Roy = 22, 58, 850 or 85
      Williams = 35, 98
      Roy Williams = 57,156
      Brice = 28, 37, 109 or 19
      Johnson = 32 95
      Brice Johnson = 60, 132
      7 years since last title

    3. Also of interest in what Peyton Manning said is that he just beat the Panthers in the Superbowl. The Panthers are in Carolina as well.

  3. Looking like it could be Kansas, Oklahoma, UNC and MSU in the Final four.

    1. That's what I'm thinking so far, but not done researching yet

  4. Hey zach.. absolutely love how you decoding all this. What's your thoughts for nhl Stanley Cup finals this year? Can you break down that?

    1. Yes I haven't watched hockey or college basketball but I'll see what I can manage. It is always easier when I follow a little bit because then I catch the tributes throughout the season.

  5. The article says Kansas, the overall #1 seed, has odds of 9-2. How do they come up with that?

    Kansas Number One Overall Seed =290. Kansas Jayhawks Win =209. Mystery solved.

    The Championship game is on 4/4 - April Fourth =144. 4/4 - Forty Four =144. Kansas Jayhawk =144.

    UNC =243. March Madness Tournament Winner =342. Twenty Sixteen NCAA Tourney Winner =423.

    I believe it will be UNC vs Kansas. I hate picking Favorites to win - every dope in the world can do it. My Final Four is ACC heavy - Duke, UNC, Virginia, & Kansas. Virginis is interesting because they are the "Cavaliers" - like Lebron's Cleveland team, and Zach's pick to win the NBA - could VA winning foreshadow Lebron winning?

    Miami is my dark horse surprise - ACC Basketball the odds of Kansas winning.

    1. Roy Williams has birth numerology of 78.

    2. He also has name gematria of 44. 4/4 championship, 78th ever.

  6. I looked into Roy Williams, and thers eto much to say on him. This isn't a basketball blog - its a gematria one, and I try to stick to the Gematria.

    If we were to talk basketball then I would go into all the years Roy Williams coached Kansas, led them to the Final Four, and now Roy could face his old Kansas school in the Finals. Exactly how they like to rig it for a TV spectacle. But I'd rather talk Gematria ;)

    1. Here's the secret sauce - lets keep it btw us ;)

      North Carolina Tarheels VS Kansas Jayhawks the date of the Championship on 4/4 - all of which ultimately equals 144.

    2. This actually isn't a "gematria blog". Gematria is only part of this blog because it proves to be the best tool for decoding truth. Go back and read the first post, nothing about gematria.

    3. And also, great work. I think this is most likely as well. Talk about a classic matchup.

    4. Its the best gematria blog! But yes, overall its a Blog For Truth :)

    5. "kansas jayhawks vs michigan state spartans" in the English Ordinal system equals 441 or 144

    6. But I may have just found the truth...

      "KU vs UNC" in the English Sumerian system equals 666
      "KU vs UNC" in the English Ordinal system equals 111

    7. Thats strong, but not as strong as the link Kansas has to UNC via Roy Williams.

      Then again, MSU is led by - Valentine =290, and above we showed how 290 connects to the Championship. Still, there's more meat on the UNC/KU bone.

      Michigan =44, but not MSU...or do I just not see it? Tom Izzo =1239, and the USA is currently celebrating its 239th year.

    8. "MSU" in the English Gematria system equals 440 but the zero doesn't count, that is how I got to 44.

      I agree that KU/UNC is looking really strong with MSU in a close second.

  7. Zach you could see the quickest return on your trip to Vegas for the college championship and Stanley cup. I don't follow these either but I'll put forth some effort to help us all. I think Carolina vs Kansas is likely. I love to see when you string all the info together in video form.. You could win some major major money in Vegas if you can predict the college championship

    1. I will do NHL next. And yes, I agree very much with what you're saying.

  8. There is a player on the Jayhawks named "Frank Mason III". He averages 13.1 points per game. We can take a look at his numbers and see if the "masons" put some codes on him...