Friday, March 11, 2016

58 74 105 113 311 139 | Russell Wilson gets engaged to Ciara, March 11, 2016 (A Masonic Ritual, 100% Proof)

This is a fraud marriage, as I've been stating.  Russell Wilson is gay and Ciara is probably into straight men.  The engagement date of March 11, 2016, is further proof.  And as I routinely point out, these 'Masonic Marriages', are always by the numbers, which this surely is.

Ciara = 3+9+1+9+1 = 23
Princess = 7+9+9+5+3+5+1+1 = 40/58
Harris = 8+1+9+9+9+1 = 37/46
Ciara Princess Harris = 100/127
Ciara Harris = 60/69

Ciara = 3+9+1+18+1 = 32
Princess = 16+18+9+14+3+5+19+19 = 103
Harris = 8+1+18+18+9+19 = 73
Ciara Princess Harris = 208
Ciara Harris = 105 (Zionism, Masonry)

Notice her birth numerology, in light of this obviously masonic marriage.

10/25/1985 = 10+25+19+85 = 139 (Freemasonry)
10/25/1985 = 10+25+(1+9+8+5) = 58 (Freemasonry)
10/25/1985 = 1+0+2+5+1+9+8+5 = 31
10/25/85 = 10+25+85 = 120 (Illuminati)

She is born in the lone '33' month, October.

October = 6+3+2+6+2+5+9 = 33

Russell = 9+3+1+1+5+3+3 = 25/43
Carrington = 3+1+9+9+9+5+7+2+6+5 = 56
Wilson = 5+9+3+1+6+5 = 29/38
Russell Carrington Wilson = 110/137 (137, 33rd Prime)
Russell Wilson = 54/81

Russell = 18+21+19+19+5+12+12 = 106
Carrington = 3+1+18+18+9+14+7+20+15+14 = 119
Wilson = 23+9+12+19+15+14 = 92
Russell Carrington Wilson = 317
Russell Wilson = 198

11/29/1988 = 11+29+19+88 = 147
11/29/1988 = 11+29+(1+9+8+8) = 66
11/29/1988 = 1+1+2+9+1+9+8+8 = 39
11/29/88 = 11+29+88 = 128

Remember how Ciara sung the National Anthem at the College Championship featuring the Carolina team, the week before Russell Wilson got creamed by Carolina, as I predicted?

What a 'Masonic' location, the Seychelles Islands.  They're absolutely perfect for March 11, written 11/3 or 3/11.

Seychelles = 1+5+7+3+8+5+3+3+5+1 = 41/50/59
Islands = 9+1+3+1+5+4+1 = 24/33/42
Seychelles Islands = 65/74/101 (Masonic = 74) (Seahawks established in '74)

Seychelles = 19+5+25+3+8+5+12+12+5+19 = 113 (Scottish) (Fitting for March 11, or 11/3)
Islands = 9+19+12+1+14+4+19 = 78
Seychelles Islands = 191

It's sick how these frauds are paid this way.  The sheeple love it, they worship it, and they hate the truth.

Truth = 20+18+21+20+8 = 87

I wonder if his contract is a joke on this word, since he helps hide 'truth' and has been rewarded with $87.6m.

10-4, message received!

His high school sweetheart left him right after he won the Super Bowl.  Now why would she do that? I'll tell you why, out partying with the boys...


  1. What makes you say Russell Wilson is gay?

    1. russell wilson is very gay its an open secret ciara is a beard to anyone who doubt russell wilson is gay just do your research on the freemason in your know

    2. Lol. Open secret huh? Yea alright. But which? Russell being gay or Ciara being a man? Because you don't use punctuations. I best be getting back to my research then because it appears to be both. Would you say TMZ is a good source for my research? I'm thinking that's where you get your info. Maybe I'll start there.

    3. Because he is a feminine little bitch who cares more about his clothes than anything else. Why do you think his wife would leave him right after he won the Super Bowl? It is evident he is a fag.

    4. Lol. Many athletes have an obsession with their clothes and yea I think that's a feminine mindset a man shouldn't have but it doesn't make a man gay. Neither does being mild mannered like he is but I can see how people could think that when looking at a brute type of dude and comparing the two but it's not a right judgement. His wife could have left him for a number of reasons. Should she have stayed with him BECAUSE he won the SB? yea maybe he wasn't enough of a manly man for her. Still don't make him gay. I'm not denying these are fraud marriages or that he COULD be gay but I think the latter is lacking real evidence to make such a claim.

    5. I hear the points you're making, but it is obvious he is a homosexual. Some things are just evident. If you can't see it, what can I say... a lot of women can't see they're married to homosexuals either, until their man leaves them for another man.

    6. @mad1dog why com eon this website if your gonna doubt in tmz lol tmz is a bunch of frauds who are being fed info

      like i said if u read my comment do you research on free masons there all gay is almost a requirement when u become famous you will have to do homosexual stuff period

    7. I just don't know about all that "all masons are homo" stuff. Sounds like disinfo to me. Sounds like you got your mind made up though, and that's not always a good thing.

      Nothing wrong with doubting what you read and hear. In fact it's necessary. Zach is awesome but I won't automatically assume he's right 100% of the time.

      And Yes, I know what tmz is. It's the type of show that would say Russell is gay and Ciara is a man. I was being sarcastic about tmz. My fault for expecting yoU to catch the sarcasm.

  2. U my man zac rs n ima nigga frm da hood n philly north too but i start listening to u sinc okc warriors series n everyday since even at wrk. I mean all day but u definitely put me on to all dis rigged shit n jus how lofe wrks but i jus seen a vid of a guy tryn say ur a shill n if so dats lik da drake situation cus ur 2nd 2none wit wat u do n i jus wanna kno n my meek voice