Saturday, April 2, 2016

113 | Jon Stewart rescues runaway animal, "No bull!"

Nice post time.  No bull my ass.

Mainstream = 113
Dishonest = 113
Green Screen = 113

Bava Kamma 113a... Jon Stewart's Jewish background...

The purpose of articles such as this, is to induce and reenforce celebrity worship by the masses.


  1. I wish there was slow mo video with Sarah maclachlan singing Arms of an Angel.

    Too much?

  2. this has the mark of the vegan agenda

    Not surprisingly, most of the people here are vegans, including Ms. Stewart. Jon recently became a vegetarian (cheese and eggs, still O.K.), but “he’s a little afraid to say it out loud,” Ms. Stewart said. “He thinks he’s going to be caught somewhere eating meat.”

    the wife gets no points for being cool when she associates breastfeeding her young to "as long as i felt i HAD TO".... because "it hurt"..

    “I just keep telling him: ‘Eat a burger. Don’t overthink this.’ ” For the Stewarts it is an ethical decision, not a health one, though it has its health benefits, too. But Ms. Stewart wants to be clear that she is not in every way Nature Girl. “Breast-feeding? I did it for just as long as I felt I had to, and then I stopped,” she said. “It hurt.”