Saturday, April 2, 2016

42 58 70 96 322 | Jeff Bezos' space company Blue Origins successfully launches & lands Shepard Rocket, April 2, 2016

The last launch by Jeff Bezo's Blue Origin was January 23, 2016.  Read about that here:

This launch comes 70-days later.

The span of days synchs up with the name Jeffrey Bezos.

Jeffrey = 1+5+6+6+9+5+7 = 39 (Jeff = 1+5+6+6 = 18)
Preston = 7+9+5+1+2+6+5 = 35/44
Bezos = 2+5+8+6+1 = 22/31
Jeffrey Preston Bezos = 96/114 (Freemason = 96) (Executive = 114)
Jeffrey Bezos = 61/70 (Launch 70-days since last)

With regards to today's launch, it connects to 'Freemason', like his name.

4/2/2016 = 4+2+20+16 = 42
Freemason = 6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5 = 42/51

Recall how 'Blue Origin' connects to 'Freemasonry'.

The name 'Shepard Rocket' also ties to 'Mason'.

Clearly all a "coincidence".

Notice that the rocket is named after 'Alan Shepard', a man who was born on the 322nd day of the year.

I like how they put "perfect" in quotes.


  1. 37-21 down by sixteen......Equals 58. The team stream is on Tru TV channel 58.

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    1. Yeah I told you this yesterday except without the Numbers lol not hard to see.....Good work

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  3. NASA and all of the astroNOTs have ties to freemasonry.

    "The Zionists, Freemasons, and NASA's Biggest Secret"

    "The Masonic Sun-Worshipping Globalist Cult of NASA"

    "NASA, ESA, SpaceX, The Space Hoax Exposed"

    NASA never went to the moon because they CAN'T.


  4. Musk, Branson, & Bezos are not going anywhere, no less "space".

    They are just freemasons conducting phallic (rocket/missile) rituals to their heliocentric gods. Oh, while stealing shareholders $$$ of course.

    1. Yeah, those 3 masonic stooges are seriously creepy.

      Their ridiculous cock rockets have never gone to space, because their is no space to go to. It's all just Hollywood fakery. Star Wars bullshit.

      Every country that has a space program is getting fucked out of millions of $$$.

      Space isn't science, it's science fiction.

      "There are no satellites in space, and NASA never went to the moon." - Jake Gibson (aka Flat Earth Asshole)