Thursday, April 14, 2016

44 144 297 | 2016 NFL Schedules released April 14, 2016 (Super Bowl 51 Clue?)

Recall, the Super Bowl is on a date with '44' numerology, and '44' is connected to '144'. Today's date, April 14, has a connection to 144 itself, when written 14/4.

From today until the Super Bowl, February 5, 2017, is 297-days from now.

The '297' might connect to 'Baltimore', now the home of the Ravens, once the home of the Colts.  As we know, there are a lot of parallels being drawn from this Super Bowl, to the one '58-years earlier, between the Giants and then Baltimore Colts.

And let us not forget that in recent weeks a Ravens football player, Tray Walker, suspiciously died.  Read about that here:

And speaking of the Colts, I feel like the NFL is yanking my chain with the Colts and Lions opener.  You might recall, the Lions have the Colts former coach.  Two years ago, I thought this might be the Super Bowl based on what was being scripted.  Instead, the Lions got beat in the playoffs and the Colts went down in the AFC Championship in 'deflate gate'.

Below are the strength of schedule rankings, from hardest at the top, to easiest at the bottom.