Friday, April 1, 2016

44 54 223 | Warriors home win streak at 'Oracle' ends at 54-games, April 1, 2016 (YouTube Video)

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  1. Also I find it interesting the headlines saying warriors go 5-1. cleveland cavs & LeBron James = 51

    1. bleacherreport. It says warriors must go 5-1 in remaining 6 games ot beat the record.

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    3. And that should happen. Hmm Lebron ended the night with 44 minutes of play....Last time the Warriors lost at home was 6/7 2015 where the game went to overtime. Score when overtime started was 96-96 but wait June 7 lost was 93-95-188. synagogue of Satan equals 1088 probably no coincidence . So hmmm Lebron wins on this date while Curry loses with 106 seems like foreshadowing of who is going to lose in the finals

    4. Oh yes it is baby because the start of the season to now is 157 days 5 months and 5 days. Cavs ended the quarter with 55 points.....

    5. Cavs ended with 54 wins....Atlanta with 45.....Seventy one equals 45 which equals 144
      And of course 22 loses

    6. Ended the half* is what I meant

    7. The 45th prime is 197.
      Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Finals Two Thousand Sixteen=197
      Elton Tyron Brand=197 He came out of retirement to 76ers on 1/4 the same day the Cavs beat Raptors 122-100 becoming 23-9.
      Hidayet Turkoglu=197 retired on 11/13/15.
      One Hundred Ninety Seven=107
      King Charles=107
      King James II=107
      James II and Charles II sons of King Charles I and were exiled in the year 51'. The last Catholic Kings too.
      Year of Three Popes=197
      Superbowl Fifty=197
      Total Score of Warriors game 215
      Two Hundred Fifteen=197
      Yet Total Score of Cavs game 218
      Two Hundred Nineteen=218
      Back to Back Championships=219
      Golden State Warriors win Nba Finals Two Thousand Sixteen=218 Now how is that for a mind fuck?
      Lebron James didn't play=219 Notice Irving was 9 of 23 on 3/29 146 days after Lebrons 9 of 23. Last year Irving was 9 of 23 146 days before the Finals. Irving's been 9 of 23 only when Lebron didn't play. Also tonight Jeff Teague was 9 of 23.
      197th prime is 1201 Warriors lost streak that lasted 1 years 2 months 1 day. Warriors=121
      Fifty Five=108 Golden State Warriors=108 they lost to the Lakers with a 55-5 record 26 days ago on 66th day. 4/1 is 62 days before 6/2. 55 days ago was 2/6. Also Queens Eliz's 64th anniversary and 6/2 is her 63rd coronation anniversary. The Cavs game was tied 64-64. Cleveland hasn't won since 64' 51 years ago but Sixty Four=49=Warriors=Chicago Bulls went to OT 96-96 Ninety Six=49. Stephen Curry=64

  2. All this 64 connection with Cleveland not winning a pro sports championship since 1964 and steph curry equaling 64 in gematria is all tying in with "Barack Huessein Obama" equaling 64 just like "shot in the head" and "southern racist" all64. Obama met the Warriors and steph curry in the White House February 4th 2016 a date with 15 and 42 numerology. Obviously the Warriors were champs in '15 and 42 of course has gematria of words like negro, slave, and of course Lebron James... Foreshadowing the next NBA champion. This time Obama won't be alive to meet this team at the White House however. Comical how he always holds up the 44 jersey, just further mocking how the 44th prez is marked for death.

    1. Also 5+23+20+16= 64... Just like "Barack Huessein Obama" "Shot in the head" and "Southern racist" how horrible. If he survives past that day when the masons arrange his 64 death I'll be baffled

  3. "Golden State and Obama fall short of fifty five" in the English Ordinal system equals 413 or 314 or 3.14, what comes around goes around