Monday, April 4, 2016

47 79 119 131 211 | ESPN NCAA Basketball Championship, April 4, 2016 pre-game hype

Is there a 47 on this game?  Recall, 2:11 is the 47th prime.

Also, 2 minute and 11 seconds is the same as 131-seconds.

Championship = 3+8+1+13+16+9+15+14+19+8+9+16 = 131
More on North Carolina's 131 connections below...

Notice also the numbers on the jerseys, 3 and 11... what do we know 3 and 11, 11 and 3?

Numbers that are interesting.


Euclid's 47th Problem, the 'mason thing', has to do with the Pythagorean Theorem, and three triangles that are a ratio to each other of 3:4:5.

34-6, what both teams will be by the end of the game if North Carolina wins.  Does a 'Golden Gate Bridge' tie into the equation?  Last year the tournament was connected to Andreas Lubitz, who was routinely pictured in the media in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Pictured above is 'Andreas Lubitz', fictional character.

He is the GermanWings pilot in the crash hoax, from March 24, 2015, shown in front of the Golden Gate Bridge millions of times in the mainstream media.   I used that crash to predict a Duke Blue Devils championship.

The GermanWings crash took place on the 44th Parallel North in the Alps.

Coach K was the winner of last year's tournament.  Coach K is born February 13, the 44th day of the year.  He defeated Wisconsin, lead by #44, Frank Kaminsky, who was born April 4.  The 44th day of the year is known as Lupercalia.  Like last year, there is a lot of '44' focus, and like last year, there is chance for a team from North Carolina to win the tournament.

Do you recall how many passengers were supposedly on the GermanWings flight?

You guess it, 144.

Houston, do we have a problem?

There is also number 337.

Also, the time of 6:19 Pacific Standard Time  for starting is interesting, because Universal Standard Time it will be 1:19, a lot like '119'.

It will start at the 79th minute of the day.

Champion = 3+8+1+13+16+9+15+14 = 79

Yesterday a train derailed near Philadelphia, blamed on a 'backhoe'.

Backhose also has a connection to '45.  Villanova lost in 1971, 45-years ago, to UCLA.

UCLA = 21+3+12+1 = 37
Carolina = 3+1+9+6+3+9+5+1 = 37
***The teams even wear similar colors, baby blue...

Backhoe = 2+1+3+11+8+15+5 = 45 (Villanova lost tournament 45-years ago)

'71 has a big connection to today.

Will history repeat itself again?  Perhaps there is another clue in these numbers.

Notice the Over/Under is at 149.5.

North Carolina's last tournament win, over Syracuse, was by a score of 83-66, for a sum of 149 points.  The number '66' connects to 149, as does '47', where we began.

Revelation is the '66th Book' of the Holy Bible.

Holy = 8+6+3+7 = 24
Bible = 2+9+2+3+5 = 21
Holy Bible = 45

Philadelphia, the name, comes from Revelation in the Bible.  It is 1 of 7 churches named.

Yesterday, the train wreck was in Philadelphia, or just outside of it.  As I said before the tournament began, last year's Philadelphia Train Wreck, from May 12, 2015, the 132nd day of the year, was connected to this year's tournament, and the Garden City, Kansas train wreck from the day before the tournament began.

That train wreck, on May 12, 2015, had many connections to Pope Francis.

5/12/2015 = 5+12+20+15 = 52
Pope = 16+15+16+5 = 52
Nova = 14+15+22+1 = 52

Also notice that May 12 leaves 233-days left in the year.  That is the Fibonacci number that follows 144 in the Fibonacci Sequence.


And one last point, yesterday, April 3, 2016, 'The Simpsons' had a tribute to today's game.

Stewart Scott, Carolina connections, recently died at age 49, before Super Bowl 49.

September 11 is the day that leaves 111-days left in the year in New York.

New York was established July 26, 1788.

7/26/88 = 7+26+88 = 121

The July 26, 7/26 ties in too.

Final point, tonight's game will be in NRG Stadium.

NRG = 14+18+7 = 39

This is perhaps a tribute to Dean Smith, who died February 7, 2015, a year before the Carolina Panthers lost to the Broncos in the Super Bowl.

Dean Smith = 4+5+1+5+1+4+9+2+8 = 39
Dean Smith won in '93
Dean Smith= 4+5+1+14+19+13+9+20+8 = 93

And the day Dean Smith died.

2/7/2015 = 2+7+20+15 = 44
4/4/2016 = 4+4+20+16 = 44

You be the final judge.  Who is the sacrifice in favor of, Nova or UNC?