Monday, April 11, 2016

31 42 47 51 57 58 59 411 | Doug Banks, Radio Personality, dead at age 47, on April 11, 2016 (Foreshadowing?)

Calvin = 3+1+3+4+9+5 = 25
"Doug" = 4+6+3+7 = 20
Douglas = 4+6+3+7+3+1+1 = 25/34 (Murder = 34)
Banks = 2+1+5+2+1 = 11/20
Calvin Douglas Banks = 61/79 (Murder = 79) 
Doug Banks = 31/40 (Dead on date with '31' numerology) (Basketball = 31)

Calvin = 3+1+12+22+9+14 = 61
"Doug" = 4+15+21+7 = 47
Douglas = 4+15+21+7+12+1+19 = 79 (Murder)
Banks = 2+1+14+11+19 = 47
Calvin Douglas Banks = 187 (Homicide Code)
Doug Banks = 94

Doug = 47
Banks = 47
Radio = 47

Notice, 'Doug' 'Banks' has died at age 57 again, the number connected to Championship.  Villanova, near Philadelphia, just won their 57th game in the men's college baseball tournament, for the championship.  The Warriors, originally from Philadelphia, won the first NBA Championship, in 1947, emphasis on '47.  They also won the NBA Finals last year, connected to to the Philadelphia train wreck, much like Villanova's win was connected to the Philadelphia train wreck the day prior to the college basketball championship. Backhoe = 45; Seventy-One = 45; Villanova avenged '71 loss

6/9/1958 = 6+9+19+58 = 92 (Numbers)
6/9/1958 = 6+9+1+9+5+8 = 38 (Death)
6/9/58 = 6+9+58 = 73 (Sacrifice)

His cause of death is supposedly diabetes.

Diabetes = 4+9+1+2+5+2+5+1 = 29/38

4/11/2016 = 4+11+20+16 = 51 (Conspiracy, Freemason, Federal)
4/11/2016 = 4+11+(2+0+1+6) = 24
4/11/2016 = 4+1+1+2+0+1+6 = 15
4/11/16 = 4+11+16 = 31 (Doug Banks)

Doug was known for being a 'radio' personality.

Radio = 18+1+4+9+15 = 47
France = 6+18+1+14+3+5 = 47 (Eiffel Tower, Radio Tower)

The word President also has gematria of '47', as well as other related terms.

Right now, we have the '44th' President in Office, Barak Hussein Obama.  He has connections to prior Presidents JFK (the 44th term President) and Lincoln (Abraham = 44; Honest Abe = 44), who both ended their presidencies with assassinations (Kill = 44; Hope = 44).  In the case of JFK, the number 411 was very much attached, kind of like the date 'April 11'.  JFK was shot from 411 Elm St., after it was foreshadowed on the Andy Griffith Show.

Read about Andy Griffith foreshadowing here:

Moving on.

From his date of death until what would have been his 48th birthday, is a span of 59-days, the number often stamped all over Black Americans and even Africans.

Remember, Motown came out in '59.  Not by coincidence.

Birth control also came out in '59.  Interesting in light of 'kill'.

And with regards to Obama, who ran on 'Hope', he is the 44th President, but only the '43rd' Person to be elected President.  He was elected November 4, 2008, a date with '43' numerology.  He gave his acceptance speech at Grant Park, a location with '43' gematria.

4/11/2008 = 4+11+20+08 = 43

Obama, elected 43rd person to be President.

And most importantly, this man has ties to 'Chicago' where his radio show was out of, and Philadelphia, which has had many numerical deaths connected to it since the May 12, 2015, Philadelphia Train Wreck, and the NBA Championship won by the Warriors, originally from Philadelphia.

And one last point about Philadelphia.

Think about how April 11 is the 101st day of the year.

Last point, from April 11 until May 23, the 144th day of the year, in light of the 'Obama and JFK 411 connections', is a span of 42-days, a number often stamped on black americans as well, from Jackie Robinson and beyond.  42 also connects to 59.


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    2. Today is 102nd day of year because of leap year. It is typically the 101st, great point. Also, I made mistake, he was age 57. Villanova just got 57th win in championship. Check for correction.

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  2. Dead banks ....yep I'm off to my bank to withdraw all my money out of my account

  3. That span of 42 days is also 1 one month 12 days, like Houston

    1. That opens up another strand of symbolism. That's the same relationship between 13/33 or 13/34. And 13 and 34 are both Golden ratio numbers.

  4. Do you think big names or celebrities who die or are murdered are really dead? Or do they just go into hiding in other countries or something for the powers that be

  5. Amazing analysis Zach!

    Gematria Genius = 149
    Zachary K Hubbard = 149

  6. Interesting read.. check it out.

    "Replicas of the Temple of Baal to Be Unveiled in New York and London on an Important Occult Date 18"

    "On April 19th 2016, which happens to be the occult day of “Blood Sacrifice to Baal”, replicas of the Temple of Baal will be unveiled in New York and London.

    Reproductions of the 50-foot arch that formed the entrance of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra Syria will be installed in Times Squares, New York and Trafalgar Square, London on April 19th. The ruins of the original structure were destroyed by ISIS last year.


    The Temple of Baal in Palmyra (before destruction).
    “The temple has been systematically razed, with the 50-foot-tall arch among the few remaining elements of the building still standing. The temple, dedicated in 32 A.D. to the Mesopotamian god Bel, attracted 150,000 tourists per year until 2011, when the civil war in Syria began.
    The full-scale replicas, now under construction in China, will stand in London’s Trafalgar Square and New York’s Times Square during World Heritage Week in April 2016.

    The project comes after researchers from the Institute for Digital Archeology — an effort by Harvard University, Oxford University in Britain and Dubai’s Museum of the Future — embarked on a “Million Image Project” to obtain 3D photographic data to reconstruct the arch digitally. The full-scale models are being recreated with the world’s largest 3D printer, and made of stone powder and lightweight composite materials. The structures will be temporary.

    They are meant to show defiance of IS attempts to erase the Middle East’s pre-Islamic history and to demonstrate how new technology can be used in archeology.”
    – UPI, Palmyra, Syria, arch threatened by Islamic State to be recreated in London, NYC

    Despite courageous claims of “defiance” versus ISIS and near-sob-stories about the emotional meaning of the temple for locals printed in mass media, there is much more at stake here. ISIS also destroyed the ancient cities of Nimud and Hatra in Iraq, the Shagraf shrine and the St. Elian monastery in Homs – but it is the Temple of Baal that is being honored, in the two most significant “power points” of the world today. Why? Because Baal is an important figure in the occult elite’s mythology. And he is celebrated on one specific, violent day.

    The Cult of Baal Never Died

    Baal (also known as Moloch/Enlil) is an ancient god that was worshiped by civilizations around the Levant.

    Baal was the name of the supreme god worshiped in ancient Canaan and Phoenicia. The practice of Baal worship infiltrated Jewish religious life during the time of the Judges (Judges 3:7), became widespread in Israel during the reign of Ahab (1 Kings 16:31-33) and also affected Judah (2 Chronicles 28:1-2). The word baal means “lord”; the plural is baalim. In general, Baal was a fertility god who was believed to enable the earth to produce crops and people to produce children.

    The cult of Baal was particularly brutal as it involved human sacrifices – especially newborn babies.

    Baal worship was rooted in sensuality and involved ritualistic prostitution in the temples. At times, appeasing Baal required human sacrifice, usually the firstborn of the one making the sacrifice (Jeremiah 19:5). The priests of Baal appealed to their god in rites of wild abandon which included loud, ecstatic cries and self-inflicted injury (1 Kings 18:28).

    Read the rest here:

    1. The scale of Their ritual crimes actually keeps them from getting caught. The lie is too big.

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    4. awesome job!

      The Queen turns "90" on April 21'st....

      "Queen Elizabeth Dead At 90" = 1110

      "Queen Elizabeth" =150

      From the date that Prince Williams baby was born to 4/22/16 is a span of "1005" days. or 2 years, 9 months (29)

      Here is a recent article...

      "While Prince George calls her "Gan-Gan," Prince Harry refers to Queen Elizabeth as the "boss."

      "In the upcoming documentary Elizabeth At 90 – A Family Tribute, the spare heir reveals his bond with the Queen isn't quite like normal grandparent-grandchild relationships.

      "I still view her more as the Queen than my grandmother," Prince Harry shares in the documentary, according to Radio Times. "You have this huge amount of respect for your boss and I always view her as my boss, but occasionally as a grandmother."

      In addition to interviewing with six royal family members, filmmaker John Bridcut was granted access to the complete collection of Her Majesty's home movies that were shot through the ages by the monarch and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

      Keep up with Prince Harry in the pages of PEOPLE Magazine by subscribing now.

      This isn't the first time Prince Harry has gone on camera to speak about the Queen. He previously spoke out about how hard it is to follow in her impressive footsteps in the ITV documentary The Queen at Ninety, which aired on Easter Sunday.

      "You think to yourself, 'How can I ever fulfill this huge expectation that comes with her and being a member of her family,'" Prince Harry said about feeling the pressure of living up to his grandmother's reputation.

      In the meantime, Harry and his older brother Prince William have been planning a grand celebration for the Queen's 90th birthday.

      The royal siblings are helping plan the Patron's Lunch, a picnic lunch held on June 12 at London's famed outdoor avenue, the Mall, along the half-mile long road in St. James's Park leading to the gates of Buckingham Palace. The celebrations are already being billed as the Mall's "largest-ever street party," as about 10,000 people are expected to attend. The Patron's Lunch will celebrate the 600 charities and organizations that Queen Elizabeth has supported during her record-breaking reign.

      Elizabeth At 90 – A Family Tribute will premiere on BBC One April 21."

  7. Good Work Zach. Doug Banks was born in Philadelphia. Where Bill has recently been clashing with Black Live Matter protestors?

    Bill Clinton Black Lives Matter " in the English Reduction system equals 106 / 115

    Radio Host" in the English Reduction system equals 46

    First Man" in the English Reduction system equals 37 / 46

    William Douglas" in the English Reduction system equals 59

    Pennsylvania Arkansas" in the English Reduction system equals 74 / 101

    Bill Clinton Birth date Numerology. August 19, 1946

    8+19+46= 73
    8+19+19+46= 92
    8+19+(1+9+4+6)= 47
    8+1+9+(1+9+4+6)= 38

    73+92+47+38= .. 250..

    Doug Banks Birth Numerology. June 9, 1958

    6+9+58= 73
    6+9+19+58= 92
    6+9+(1+9+5+8)= 38

    73+92+38= .. 203 ..

    250-203 = .. 47 ..

    April Eleven" in the English Ordinal system equals 119

    April Eleventh" in the English Ordinal system equals 147

    Four Eleven" in the English Reduction system equals 51

    Four Eleven" in the English Ordinal system equals 123

    Monday April Eleventh" in the English Reduction system equals 93

    Black Lives Matter Doug Bill " in the English Reduction system equals 93

    The Time Span Between Bill And Doug Banks Births.

    Eleven Years Nine Months " in the English Reduction system equals 100 / 118

    Six Hundred Sixteen Weeks" in the English Reduction system equals 105 / 114

    June Ninth August Nineteenth" in the English Reduction system equals 111 / 120

    William Jefferson Clinton" in the English Reduction system equals 111 / 120

    Bill was the 42nd President. 42 days between April 11 & May 23.

    April Eleven May Twenty Three" in the English Reduction system equals 123

    April one one May two three" in the English Reduction system equals 115

    Four Seven" in the English Reduction system equals 44

    Banks Clinton" in the English Reduction system equals 44

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  9. Hey Zach and everybody. I found out some other stuff about 42, Jackie Robinson, 9/11. It's here if you want to check it out.


    1. Great work, YouTube is not letting me respond to your comments there, just an FYI.

    2. No telling. Thanks Zach. I just hope APRIL doesn't get any crueler than it has already.

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  11. Cavs won yesterday april 11 which is 51. Lebron is killing it. But zach sportscenter posted a pic of lebron past 3 games. Lebron is 33-42 fg (.786) which is close to 79. Champion = 79

  12. Radio sums to 29 (in Pythagorean Gematria). Masonic sums to 29 and 38 (in Pythagorean Gematria). Jew sums to 38 (in Simple Gematria).

    Radio in Pythagorean Gematria: 9 + 1 + 4 + 9 + 6 = 29

    Masonic in Pythagorean Gematria: 4 + 1 + 1/10 + 6 + 5 + 9 + 3 = 29/38

    Jew in Simple Gematria: 10 + 5 + 23 = 38

  13. Great work. It is sad that the powers be like to stamp their coding on everyone. Something else I found interesting is the coding on the rapper royce da 5'9. I always wondered what that 5'9 was supposed to mean, it never made any sense. After learning this language of gematria it all became clear. This and everything else you make available to the masses is further proof that gematria is something ver real and is practiced daily by those in power. Your work is irrefutable. One thing I missed about royce is writing out the "five nine". Double coding on his name. Just as you stated earlier about 42.

    So we have royce da 5'9, same as 59. Da five nine.

    Royce da
    nigger = 59 slave = 59 five = 42 nine = 42 nigger = 42 freemason = 42