Thursday, April 14, 2016

24 60 | Kobe Bryant scores '60' on 'Mamba Day', April 13, 2016

Fitting that Kobe scored 60-points on 'Mamba Day'.

Mamba Day also has gematria of '24', Kobe's current number.

Mamba Day = 4+1+4+2+1+4+1+7 = 24


  1. It's just so funny how Nike brainwashed ppl into becoming Kobe fans all of a sudden
    In this why the nfl in nba are rigging games in everyone faces because there creating fairytale characters like steph curry

    The funny thing is next year ppl won't even talk about Kobe they don't mention his name when they talk about the greatest lebron always gets mentioned ahead of him

    1. Kobe was the name for many years though. When I was growing up, Kobe was many of my peers hero. I hated it. I've never liked Kobe.

  2. Kobe-Shaq literally owned the league for half a decade. I still think Kobes entire career is the Cliff Notes recap of Black History in America. Ill have to dig up my work, but basically every year of his career is 12.5 years of black history. From his landing in Charlotte and being sold, to his championships lining up with big civil rights moments.

    1. And now he goes out with a


      Countdown to Obama's Busted Melon.

    2. Sixty Point Final Game---239

      Also, he scored 0 in his debut, so in another completion coincidence for #24, he went 0 to 60.

  3. And this event falls on April 13, 2016.


    Shows how long in advance they plan Their events out.

  4. Kobe - simple g of 33
    Last game as noted above took place on a 33 day.
    Scored 60

    Kobe Bryant - simple g of 113
    NBA debut was on 11/3 (November 3)
    Scored 0

    It's ironic that he goes from 0 (first game) to 60 (last game), the word "holy" has a simple g of 60 too. Kobe almost became a god-like figure for the NBA. Just a thought.

  5. Mamba Day =24, too. Kobe =24 wears #24.