Saturday, April 2, 2016

Reader Contribution | Super Bowl 51, Giants or Falcons vs Colts (Help crack the code)

Zach I just watched your Ravens CB video and i calcuated the date until SB 51 and check it out.... it is 325 days until the next SB (the reverse of 5/23) and 10 months, 19 days (all seeing eye), and 46 weeks and 3 days (probably means nothing). Also he died 3/18 which is 112 days after this past SB. I keep seeing this number 112. Besides it being the 112th world series, i see it in andrew luck, houston, and another guy from the Colts Ted Marchibroda who died 1/16/16 with a 33 numerology and a 17 numerology like the SB 51 date. His gematria was also 121 which is similar to the 112 i keep seeing. Also when he died it was similar to his name gematria until the next SB. 1/16/16 to 2/5/17 is 1 year, 21 days.

Also, I know matt ryan has name gematria also of 112, i was wondering if you saw the headlines from arthur blank of the falcons? They pretty much all said "cancer free" which has gematria of 51. Arthur Blank will be 74 years old and his name gematria is 126 (same as NRG stadium).....Also did you know that head coach DaN quinn was born 9/11 and will be 44 years old?
And Kyle Shanahan the offensive coordinator was hired 1/18/15, 2 years and 19 days before SB51, 750 days, or 107 weeks. His name gematria is 119 and 47.

As for the Giants, they have a lot lined up for them too. The new coach mcadoo who they took from the packers and won a SB with them at 33 years old. They hired him 3 weeks, 3 days before SB50 or 24 days. From when they hired him until SB51 is that weird number, 1 year 23 days.....Also the death of Gary Jeter from the Giants on 3/10/16....333 days before SB 51 or 10 months 27 days, or 47 weeks 4 days (The number 47 as in superbowl 47 of the modern era is what stands out to me). The date he died, 3/10/16, was 33 days after SB 50. it was the 70th day of the year or 2 months 10 days.

I do think the fact that the game the broncos played against the Colts is a huge sign the COlts will win though. It was the game where Luck suffered from a lacerated kidney but they beat the broncos undefeated season 27-24, which sums to 51. Also, I keep seeing the number 21 which i think is the reverse of Lucks jersey number 12.... Oliver Lucks bday is 2 month and 1 day after SB 51, or 8 weeks, 4 days, or 60 days.

The GM for the COlts Ryan Grigson has a 2/23 bday and will be 44 years old. he was hired 1/11 and that number has been showing up a lot with my research on the COlts. For example, Luck's bday leaves 111 days until the end of the year. He was injured at that broncos game 11/8, however they waited until 11/10 to announce his "lacerated kidney" and that he would be missing games, because (In my opinion) 11/10 leaves 51 days to the end of the year.

Also, the Colts lost the "Deflategame game" against the patriots by 38 points and the texans also hosted superbowl 38 on 2/1 which is the reverse of luck's jersey number . Two more things, the Colts played the Ravens for the SB 47 championship game and the total summed to 33. The Colts are in their 33rd year of existence in Indy.

The GM Grigson and coach pagano both signed contract extensions 111 days before SB51......

and lastly Dwayne Allen's contract is 29.4 million which 29 times 4 is 116 which is the mirror of 911....... A lot aligns for the Colts but a lot aligns for the falcons and giants too! One last thing, both Luck and Matt Ryan are endorsed by Nike.


My feedback on the reader contribution above.

When I was in Vegas, I was tempted to put a bet down on the Falcons, and I should have, because it can't be denied, a lot lines up for them.  Still, I favor the Giants now, but that can change.

And thank you Maggie!


  1. Gets complicated when multiples line up. Falcons also have Schaub now with the 131 connection and that opens up for Ryan to take an injury and learn the playoff script while Schaub wins a few games.

    And Ryan-2 to Julio-11, fits the 112 or 121.

    1. I do think the fact that Eli won a year after Peyton is fairly compelling.

    2. I think Roddy White will end up at the Giants. I have a post on my blog about the NY connection.
      Would that be the Falcons connection to the Giants SB?

    3. Roddy signed with New Orleans today. 3 year 19 mill.

    4. U sure Stephen?
      Thought that was an April fools joke??

    5. You are right, Bally. They got me!! Far as I can tell he is still unsigned. I hate April Fools!

    6. Lol.... Good job that day is over..

  2. I'm thinking Falcons vs Colts after reading this. Beyond gematria think about the duality of the matchup; Falcons: Red Jersey, black helmet. Colts: Blue Jersey, white helmet. We think of these colors as opposites as represented by the AFC being a red A and the NFC being a blue N. The movie oblivion predicts super bowl 51 wil be the last and it will feature the Giants, I think the Giants with their alignment will lose to the Falcons in the nfc championship. Oblivion = 44, Georgia = 44. Another thing to note, this is the Falcons 51st year of existence. They were founded June 30th 1965 but didn't have their first season til 66. This is the Falcons last year in the Georgia dome as they're getting their stadium in 2017. Georgia dome equals 63. The pro football hall of fame was established in 1963. The Falcons maybe have one hall of gamer currently, Roddy white who wears the number 84. Oliver lucks birthday comes 8 weeks and 4 days after super bowl 51.

    1. ima say this again for all you falcons fans who think yall actually have a shot.the nfl is scripted for money in ratings there not letting a team with no star qb in no real fans outside of atl go to the superbowl

      since 2000 the pats 6 sb won 4 the giants 3 sb won 2 the steelers 3 sb won 2 peyton manning 4 sb won 2 the ravens 2 sb the seahawks 2 sb won 1 do u see my point

      i dont no who the giants will play in the sb but there going on they will win

    2. I agree with Benz, Atlanta is set to become the next cursed city after Cleveland. Which makes sense, because they last beat Cleveland for a championship.

      Only reason the Braves won one was because they are much more popular, or were, in the South then then the Falcons. Wasn't until more expansion in the 90s that MLB had any southern teams. They still don't really. We don't count Florida and Texas as the South down here.

    3. Fans are fickle. Few wins for a team and fans appear from nowhere ie. Seahawks, Panthers. The guys who run the show need the falcons to have at least one good season, they'll have a new stadium to fill.

  3. Someone look into the Buffalo Bills!

    1. Tyrod Taylor does have a 8/3 birthday, just like Tom Terrific! I doubt they're going anywhere though :-/ I will look into it and post back on here!

  4. Adam vinatieri = 126
    NRG stadium = 126
    He will be 44 years old by SB51
    His DOB adds to 112 and 131 (fitting for a 4 time champion )
    I think he will have a 5-1 SB record as well when indy win sb51
    Franklin delano gore = 181
    Houston texas = 181
    His DOB adds to 31 like Houston
    Matt Ryan = 112
    His DOB adds to 126 and 36 (sb on 36th day of the year)
    He will be 31 and Matt Ryan = 31
    The falcons safety kemal Ishmael = 46 (Fifty one = 46)
    He wears 36 and DOB adds to 31
    Chuck pagano = 46
    Everything else I've got has already been mentioned

  5. Damn. I live in Indy Grigson is our neighbor !# hes an Idiot#! I hope your right. I pet goat 2 says we dont make it to another superbowl.

  6. I predict Atlanta vs Buffalo in SB 51. There are many reasons, but I'll let you experts sort it out. There's a lot of connections to the city of Houston as well as Philadelphia. Also also there's been a lot of hints from current and former players in the media as well as social media. I also predict the AZ Diamondbacks to be in the World Series this year. Many connections to the 89 Oakland A's as well as recent player deaths. Many important players from the 89 mlb season have leading positions on the team. Many were shocked when Greinke signed with them.

    1. @mikeyz there are alot of teams that have connections to houston like i said before its not just about connections

      like in the nba do you think the warriors would win without steph curry because they have connections? do you think the cavs win without lebron because connections?

      what about denver do u think they win a sb without elway or peyton?

      to many blind fans on here don wanna accept the truth

  7. Point taken Kid Benzo. However if they do know in advance who they want to "win" than they can move the right players into position when the time comes for that team to "win". If you recall, it wasn't too long ago that Curry wasn't considered as nothing more than a great shooter with bad ankles. Too small and frail to be an elite player. Now he's the best thing to happen to the NBA since Jordan. Just my thoughts.

  8. Damn. I live in Indy Grigson is our neighbor !# hes an Idiot#! I hope your right. I pet goat 2 says we dont make it to another superbowl.

  9. 1 year 23 days.This motha fucka Ayoooooo. Impressive

  10. Very Colt Heavy but seriously THESE FREEMASONS ARE JUST DAMN CLEVER. In every thing they do it is scripted.

  11. Also you dang Falcons guys let it go You lost Roddy White who equals 131 should be a give away.

    Eli manning is going to be 36 and Tyler Sash Dying on SEPTEMBER 8th........By CTE which equals 10.....Beginning of the season is damn September 8th. in 2015.....Tyler Sash Equals 1234. Number 39. gifford will be 85 years if he was still alive.

    Who Also died for CTE on August 9th.....

    Brother Berg has a recent post of someone dying connected to the giants. Check it out.

    There is no other team as of right now i see for the NFC

  12. This is my input first off read my post about a sb 51 cots vs falcons at First off, dan quinn is 45 and second this upcoming season is the falcons 25th season in the georgia dome of course falcons equals 25. Falcon also equals 51 and the story of arthur blank having cancer was probably contrieved because cancer=44 and you know the rest of the connections.

  13. I am definitely seeing the COLTS in it, they made such a big deal about the laceration, and Gore turns 33 this year, and I theres rumors of Charles going to Colts, check this article, they totally referred to Superbowl and Andrew Luck.

  14. I didn't no Falcons had any fans until I came on here . You falcon fans can find all the connections in the world in y'all still won't go to the sb

    Didn't the Falcons start 6-0 last year in what happen?

    If y'all wanna say new stadium Vikings got a new stadium no sb for them jets had a new stadium with the Giants no sb for the jets

    Is Matt Ryan Eli or arodgers or Brady is Julio jones as popluar as Odb Vic Cruz

    How many sb have the Falcons been to?

    The Falcons are like the chiefs in Texans in Titans in bucs teams that will never get to sb

    Y u think the jets don't go to the sb because the nfl prefers the Giants

    Falcon fans just accept in the nfl only star qb in classic teams with powerful owners get scripted to win

  15. Falcons have been to the SB before as well as Titans, Bucs, Bills, Etc. "We Build them up than break them down" - Floyd Mayweather Jr

  16. The Colts symbol is a horseshoe. Horseshoe=112 and it will be the 33rd year of it being the Colts symbol/logo

  17. I just noticed the 47th Prime is 211. Very interesting because of course it is the 47th modern era SB and the reflection of 211 is 112, like Houston, Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan, horseshoe, etc. Andrew Luck=510,112,and 47. He fits everything! That Baltimore Ravens cornerback who wore #25 (SB on 2/5) was supposedly hit by a Ford SUV and it made me think of Ford theatre and I looked it up and the address of Ford theatre is 51 10th street NW, Washington DC. The picture of Abraham Lincoln they use for Ford Theatre when you google it even looks like Andrew Luck with the way the facial hair is grown! And of course the same A.L. initials! Crazy the address is "51" ....And Luck was born in Washington DC too.....

  18. Hey guys, just learning about gematria etc. I don't know anything about football. ut how's this for predictive programming: Ashton Kutcher's character on The Ranch is COLT and he's a football player!