Saturday, April 2, 2016

Reader Contribution | Super Bowl 51, Giants or Falcons vs Colts (Help crack the code)

Zach I just watched your Ravens CB video and i calcuated the date until SB 51 and check it out.... it is 325 days until the next SB (the reverse of 5/23) and 10 months, 19 days (all seeing eye), and 46 weeks and 3 days (probably means nothing). Also he died 3/18 which is 112 days after this past SB. I keep seeing this number 112. Besides it being the 112th world series, i see it in andrew luck, houston, and another guy from the Colts Ted Marchibroda who died 1/16/16 with a 33 numerology and a 17 numerology like the SB 51 date. His gematria was also 121 which is similar to the 112 i keep seeing. Also when he died it was similar to his name gematria until the next SB. 1/16/16 to 2/5/17 is 1 year, 21 days.

Also, I know matt ryan has name gematria also of 112, i was wondering if you saw the headlines from arthur blank of the falcons? They pretty much all said "cancer free" which has gematria of 51. Arthur Blank will be 74 years old and his name gematria is 126 (same as NRG stadium).....Also did you know that head coach DaN quinn was born 9/11 and will be 44 years old?
And Kyle Shanahan the offensive coordinator was hired 1/18/15, 2 years and 19 days before SB51, 750 days, or 107 weeks. His name gematria is 119 and 47.

As for the Giants, they have a lot lined up for them too. The new coach mcadoo who they took from the packers and won a SB with them at 33 years old. They hired him 3 weeks, 3 days before SB50 or 24 days. From when they hired him until SB51 is that weird number, 1 year 23 days.....Also the death of Gary Jeter from the Giants on 3/10/16....333 days before SB 51 or 10 months 27 days, or 47 weeks 4 days (The number 47 as in superbowl 47 of the modern era is what stands out to me). The date he died, 3/10/16, was 33 days after SB 50. it was the 70th day of the year or 2 months 10 days.

I do think the fact that the game the broncos played against the Colts is a huge sign the COlts will win though. It was the game where Luck suffered from a lacerated kidney but they beat the broncos undefeated season 27-24, which sums to 51. Also, I keep seeing the number 21 which i think is the reverse of Lucks jersey number 12.... Oliver Lucks bday is 2 month and 1 day after SB 51, or 8 weeks, 4 days, or 60 days.

The GM for the COlts Ryan Grigson has a 2/23 bday and will be 44 years old. he was hired 1/11 and that number has been showing up a lot with my research on the COlts. For example, Luck's bday leaves 111 days until the end of the year. He was injured at that broncos game 11/8, however they waited until 11/10 to announce his "lacerated kidney" and that he would be missing games, because (In my opinion) 11/10 leaves 51 days to the end of the year.

Also, the Colts lost the "Deflategame game" against the patriots by 38 points and the texans also hosted superbowl 38 on 2/1 which is the reverse of luck's jersey number . Two more things, the Colts played the Ravens for the SB 47 championship game and the total summed to 33. The Colts are in their 33rd year of existence in Indy.

The GM Grigson and coach pagano both signed contract extensions 111 days before SB51......

and lastly Dwayne Allen's contract is 29.4 million which 29 times 4 is 116 which is the mirror of 911....... A lot aligns for the Colts but a lot aligns for the falcons and giants too! One last thing, both Luck and Matt Ryan are endorsed by Nike.


My feedback on the reader contribution above.

When I was in Vegas, I was tempted to put a bet down on the Falcons, and I should have, because it can't be denied, a lot lines up for them.  Still, I favor the Giants now, but that can change.

And thank you Maggie!