Saturday, April 2, 2016

Visual Article, the power of Special Effects

Check this out!  It is quite fascinating.

Thanks Cheryl for the link!


  1. You are welcome. When I first read and heard that "there were no planes on 911", I couldn't wrap my head around the idea because "I saw" the images repeated on the television. Then to view something like this, you begin to realize that we have been deceived by the same techniques that we celebrate at the movies.

    1. This is something I've been screaming about for ages. The news is just Wag the Dog shenanigans and product placements.

      The movie Simone is about a virtual leading lady passed off as a real celebrity/actress. Kind of an inverse Truman Show and very telling IMO.

    2. S1m0ne
      2002 stars AL Pacino

      Chroma key 587 594 99
      Sounds like Crow monkey
      Monkeys are SIMians

      Virtual set 1305 882 147

      Turing Test 731 918 153

  2. Did CNN get rid of the minute counter?? Haha nice work Zach.