Wednesday, October 12, 2016

137 | The most important number in physics, the 'fine structure constant'

Here's something new to think about.

In case you're new here, 137 is the 33rd prime, and a relevant number to our ongoing discussions on this blog.


  1. 137 flipped looks like the letters LEI
    Rearrange them you get LIE

  2. Very interesting!
    Element #137
    "Feynmanium" = 49 121
    "FY" = 13 31
    This is a great find, These are things I never learned in higher Physics or Chem courses. (and for a reason) It certainly pertains to superpowers and manipulation of time and space.
    Crazy information like you mentioned above about electrons moving at the speed of light (time travel). Also black holes. The manipulation of potential and kinetic energies at supersonic speeds. But of course Einstein, the freemason, zionist shill debunked the theory for the public and higher education so it's still a secret.
    People never question how you can send a picture from a cell phone through the air to someone on the other side of the world in just a second. That is time manipulation. Moronic people somehow think its impossible to script a home-run or 3 pointer, but never question pictures traveling at the speed of light across the world from their own hands.

  3. Magic = 33. Physicists dont understand because of their materialist viewpoint.

  4. good read, very informative!

    the part about ego and removing it reminds me of my all time favorite Guy Ritchie film - Revolver.

    the 90 or so seconds after the film, before the credit are incredible. if no one has seen that before - search 'revolver end credits' on YT.

    1. I love that movie, esp the elevator scene when Jake is struggling with his fear. Kinda trippy that Andre 3000 is in it and perfect for his part.

  5. The Hebrew word for Kabbalah is dla w (He=5, Lamed=30, Beyth=2, Quoph=100).
    gematria of 137... not sure if that article mentions it...

  6. The article link above is one of my favorites that you posted! - It was eye-opening! It taught me ALOT! - Thanks Zach!

  7. Today is 10/13/16 (39, New York) which could also be 10+13+20+16=59 (5 & 9 connecting to #42, Jackie Robinson)... I think these numbers favor the Dodgers today. Dodgers formerly from New York, where Jackie Robinson played.

    1. Max Sherzer ..7+27+19+84= 137 =33 prime

    2. He could be the 33 of sacrifice today.

    3. I digged a little deeper. I'm still new so please bare with me! He's jersey number is 31. Which is 13 on the 13th any relations or am I just not intelligent lol :(

    4. Check this out. This the espn tweet.
      Most Swings and Misses in Single Game - Last 15 Seasons
      2015 Clayton Kershaw 35
      2016 Max Scherzer 33
      2004 Jeremy Bonderman 33

    5. you catch on quick! be sure to stay absorbent while you're new - it can be easy to be led astray by early onset gematria confidence. it surely happened to me!!!

  8. It's all about power it'll always be .

    one hundred thirty-seven = 111
    dollar crash = 111
    one one one = 48
    as above, so below = 48
    ordo ab chao = 46
    trickery = 46
    magick = 44
    currency = 44
    one eleven = 43
    two threes = 43
    current C = 39
    net = 39
    two seven = 33
    money = 27