Wednesday, October 12, 2016

27 58 | Wells Fargo CEO retires, October 12, 2016 +The right kind of day for a 'CEO' retirement

Today is the right kind of day for a CEO to retire.

10/12/2016 = 10+12+20+16 = 58

...And somewhere else, J.P. Morgan-Chase grows more large, and more gruesome.

If you missed my first post on this topic, it is here:

As for the injured right hand image again, here is the riddle (thanks Stephen).

This incident comes 27-days after John Stumpf's 63rd birthday, September 15, 2016.

Notice hew as born in '53.  We'll be talking about Matthew 5:30.

 It is also a total span of 28-days, connected to 'bank'.


  1. Yes sir. They love to beat their bibles. I suppose, now that he is retiring, he himself is the right hand being flung. Nicely done.

  2. Corporate Bank = 139/58
    Banking = 58
    Banker = 51/24/33
    International Banking = 93

  3. That creep looks like Kevin Spacey. They were probably both cut from the same clone mold.

  4. His fingers are taped up in a 1 3 1 pattern (131)
    The fingers are also related to planets in tarot. I know that the middle finger represents Saturn, for instance. There could be a connection there, but the 131 thing stands out to me.

  5. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke's arm is chopped off by his father, Darth Vadar. Come to think of it, there was a lot of limbs getting whacked off in all of those movies.
    Losing a hand/arm/leg/eye is a common trope in mythology. Its part of the maimed god theme. It's also a symbol of power, and the losing of it, the struggle to get it back.

    Isnt it interesting that the statue of the Venus de Milo, one if the most famous symbols of love and beauty we've been given has no arms? Why is the media in constant hysteria over guns and the worry over ARMed police officers, terrorists, and madmen and unARMed civilians? Not to mention the constant celebration of military vets with blown off limbs and the Olympics for the disabled that takes place right after the regular one.

    The Boston bombing wanted us to believe that one lil explosion ripped off countless legs and gave us the iconic (and hilarious) picture of Carlos the Cowboy saving that crisis actor with the missing legs. I took that to mean the press is pulling our collective legs with this fiction.

    Speaking of jokes, Donald Trump always reminds me of the kind of embarrassing uncle who always wants someone to pull his finger and then farts. This election has been full of coughs, sniffling, and lewd talk about women's body parts. So bizarre

    1. Just letting you ladies inside our locker rooms, isn't that what you wanted?

  6. Not sure if you saw this but his "retirement package" gave him $137 million lol