Monday, October 10, 2016

174 | Derek Anderson passing stats at halftime, MNF, October 10, 2016 +Mistakes do happen in the scripting!

Remember, this game is all about Derek Anderson.  It is no coincidence he has 174 passing yards at halftime, being the kid from the 33rd state, Oregon, and 33-years old, on this very special MNF for him.  Derek Anderson was born in 'Portland, Oregon'.

Update:  To start the second half, the Panthers went on a scoring drive.  It was supposed to end with a TD pass from Derek Anderson to #88 (big number on the game, 88), but the pass was behind the wide open receiver and the Panthers had to run it in for the 1 yard TD on the next play.

I suspect if that was a game ending play and it was blown, the ref would have found a reason to throw a flag to replay the down.