Monday, October 10, 2016

42 44 46 71 102 144 | October 10, 2016, 'Trump Taj Mahal' closes in Atlantic City

It is interesting that 'Trump Taj Mahal' has gematria of '46', like his year of birth, '46.  We've seen this number often around his campaign.  I think this is another not so subtle sign that the end of Donald's campaign is near.

From the date of the strike, to the date of the close, October 10, 2016, was a span of 102-days, a number relevant to Hillary Clinton, through her birth numerology, and through the date she began her campaign, April 12, the 102nd day of the year.

Notice also the span of 14-weeks and 4-days.

Time = 144 (Jewish Gematria); Hillary Rodham = 144

Also, checkout the name gematria of the owner, Carl Icahn.


  1. I think eventually it will be revealed that Trump is actually dead broke! I think he's just one of their crisis actor's...hilarious...

  2. Maybe he will create a "Go Fund Me" account.

    1. people will actually be dumb enough to donate money to it

  3. He's not a billionaire he just plays one on TV.
    He's so over the top it's like vaudeville. Orange makeup, clown hair, exaggerated facial expressions and just listen to the nonsense coming out of his mouth.! He's playing the bad cop next to Hillary's good cop but that's all it is, a PLAY!

    He talks about grabbing pussy and his wife shows up wearing a pussy bow blouse? Staged bullshit, I bet they recorded that alleged "caught on tape in 2005" statement last week. That's one of the ways they control our perception of time. They tell us what is old and what is new, but there's no way to prove it and we know they r liars and therefore not crediable.
    I swear the Freemasons are a theatrical guild like the Craftsmen of the middle ages. They go around staging their morality plays while telling us it's real.