Tuesday, October 18, 2016

37 44 61 188 | Naked Hillary Clinton statue emerges in New York, October 18, 2016

October 18, 2016 marks 21-days until the election.  Illinois is the 21st State, Hillary's home state.

Woman = 21

10/18/2016 = 10+18+20+16 = 64
10/18/2016 = 10+18+(2+0+1+6) = 37 (Chicago = 37)
10/18/2016 = 1+0+1+8+2+0+1+6 = 19
10/18/16 = 10+18+16 = 44 (Race to be 44th person to be President)

The nude Donald statues were mainstream headlines August 18, 2016.  Now two months later, October 18, we have one of Hillary.  18/8; Bavarian Illuminati = 188

August 18, nude Donald Trump statues:  http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2016/08/40-44-93-188-226-321-emperor-has-no.html

From that story to this one is 61-days.

Notice that Hillary's statue, shows her cloven-hoofed.



  1. Awesome work Zach! thx for looking into it! this is Mix from Y T/Fb wen u can, i sent u a " Sloppy Jew Pic" , lol, bout a week ago on the FB convo / mssgner thing ..! not sure if u ever got it! see ya later !

  2. Fellows, we extended our free pick-winning streak to 11 days in a row, and 18 consecutive winners - last night 2 of 2:



  3. Also Titan the word behind Hillary=19

  4. That's a Pa/Satyr figure also known as a Faun. The large breasts, belly being fondled kissed represents fertility.
    The word Titan appears to be coming out of her mouth because of the angle of the shot (deliberate). Her arms are in the "Hands up don't shoot" pose.

    This fertility idol being found in front if Bowling Green station is a Kentucky refrence I think. At first read I thought this happened in Kentucky which is the 15th state and has been popping up a lot lately in news

    1. What do you think is up with the word Titan? I was looking at that as well.

  5. There is also a form of healing massage from Japan that has to do with belly buttons and the middle finger. You use your middle finger to locate your own or someone else's abdominal pulse and use that pulse to concentrate the energies or some such shit. I can not remember the Japanese term, but it is called the

    Navel Technique=156(Six Six Six, Thirty Three), 936, 1026J

  6. Also Zach 9/11. 9 divided by 11 = .818 like 8/18. 818 is an area code for Hollywood and is shown in that 2013 Mercedes Superbowl commercial where the guy is tempted to sign his life away with a deal with the devil where he is promised the car and all of Hollywood's glitz and glamour. "Fame and Fortune" = 818