Thursday, August 18, 2016

40 44 93 188 226 321 | The Emperor Has No Balls, August 18, 2016 nude statue of Donald Trump in Manhattan's Union Square +Hillary Clinton conneciton

The word 'nude' has gematria of '44'.  Again, Donald Trump is trying to become the 44th person to be President, and '44' is connected to assassination, possibly even 'character' assassination.

Nude = 14+21+4+5 = 44 (Kill) (Birther)

Manhattan is the city with the countdown gematria, home to the September 11, 2001 tragedy.

Union Square also has gematria connected to 'sacrifice'.

Union = 3+5+9+6+5 = 28
Square = 1+8+3+1+9+5 = 27/36
Union Square = 55/64 (Sacrifice = 46/55)

'The Emperor Has No Balls' sums to '226', the number connected to '93', for Saturn, the keeper of time.

Saturn, time... clock?

Clock = 3+12+15+3+11 = 44 (Nude = 44)

The number 226 has been associated with the Clinton campaign as well.  I predicted Tim Kaine would be the VP nominee a month before he was picked based on his February 26, or 2/26 birthday.

This stunt also comes on August 18, a date written 18/8.

Todays is also the 231st day of the year, connecting to Hillary Clinton.

The fact that it leaves 135-days remaining is also interesting.  Recall that the DNC was in Philadelphia, a city established on a date with '135' numerology.

10/27/1682 = 10+27+16+82 = 135

Hillary's birthday is a day before Philadelphia's.

It looks like a 'woman' has the Key of David.  Revelation is the 66th Book of the Bible after all.

Let us not forget how 'David' connects to 'Hillary' and 'United States'.

As for the name of the group credited with the statue, 'Indecline', it connects to 'Donald Trump', 'Illuminati' and 'New World Order', the same gangs that Hillary and Donald work for.

Masonic = 223; The Synagogue of Satan = 223

The "nude" also comes in a span of 83-days before the election, November 8.


  1. This article reminds me so much of DISNEY'S REMAKE of Now we know Disney and their stories. lol.

  2. The 2nd picture down on this website has something that has been in and out of the news for some time now. WACKO! <---are we hinting at more Texas Drama? I dunno maybe.

    1. <---this site, my bad lol.

  3. Hilirary has no balls literally.

    President Hilary

  4. Zach.... this just broke the news a few days ago. a comic book has donald trump beheaded in its story.

  5. Wow. Nice catch with the masonic ring. Union Square is 3 blocks away from my job, and if I saw this before it was taken away, I would have certainly caught that. They seem to be dropping more and more clues lately. Almost like they don't even care if they tell you outright who's behind. The masses are already too far gone to get it.

    1. Oh and Zach... The name underneath "The Emperor Has No Balls" is "Indecline"

      Indecline = 48 in ER. 223 is the 48th prime.


    An article about the artist and the company behind the project. Haven't decoded myself, but it seems ripe.

    1. Artist signed his name as Ginger, saying that he didn't want backlash from it though he has an interview the day off. Ginger is just the new way of calling White people Nigger. Switch the N and the G and Voila! Ginger=Orange=The New Black.

    2. nicely done! that show for sure has a gang of symbolism and predictive programming. I watch it intently with my lady - if only to see what they put in front of us as mockery.

    3. Never seen it. But I always took it to mean that the old paradigm of black vs white was being replaced with rich vs poor. Anyone can be a lowly criminal in Orange. Of course, black vs white was just a smoke screen for elites vs have-nots all along. I almost feel sorry for racists, most of them were programmed to end up that way, and not by whites or blacks, but by the off-whites from Mount Zion.

    4. One of the actresses on that show sings for a metal band, and I used to play the same shows as her. Jessica Pimental I believe her name is. Band is pretty awful though lol. The title of the show has Freemasonry written all over it, and she either has no clue, or sold out like anyone else they hire to play the roles on these shows.

  7. Majority of kids ages 8-11have never seen a white president. that same generation is growing up with the kardasians , transgenders , three bathrooms , and possibly a woman president. If she gets two terms those kids will be almost young adults before they see a male president. Think about the racism and all the crazy phsyop that shaped us. Now they are reversing the old system or a new world REORDER.

  8. Total recal 113 minutes

    Great movie

  9. Maybe the count down numerology was a reference to an assassination. Didn't you predict it for the 22nd or the 21st?

  10. Maybe the count down numerology was a reference to an assassination. Didn't you predict it for the 22nd or the 21st?

  11. also
    Emperor wears no clothes = Masonry = 105
    Donald Trump Statue = Mason = 62
    More masonic connections

  12. I think this is a tease from one group towards Donald. He's gotta "have balls" to be able to get hit by a car. We'll see :D