Tuesday, October 18, 2016

39 111 | CNN's updated Obama headline, October 18, 2016, 'Obama to Trump: Stop Whining'


New York = 39/111

For the new headline, his face has a "more serious" expression than last.


  1. Just done a decode on the bears v GB match, its a pretty straight forward one to call as well.

    All the stats are centered around aaron rogers, birthday synchs up with the h2h between the teams and his win will synch with the date.

    Sure you'll post your own preview up, this one seems an easy call. Green Bay home win.

    1. Wow i missed something let me put some numbers down this actually isnt as straight forward as i thought.

      72 days left in the year. Seventy two = 42. GB go 4-2 on the season. OR Rogers picks up his 42nd home loss.

      50th home win for Rogers - Fifty = 66. 20+10+16+20 = 66.

      191st regular season game between the two. 191 = 43rd prime this game comes 43 days before rogers birthday.

      GB would pick up win 92. Ninety two = 46 matching the date numerology.

      John fox would then pick up loss number 16 for the bears. Sixteen = 33. and go 1-6 on the season.

      In his QBs 137th regular season match. 137 - 33rd prime. Cutler goes into the game on 69 regular season losses. Green bay packers = 69 does he stay on 69 after this game>? And also take GB to 3-3? 33?

      Amazingly enough this match also comes 191 days (43p) before Cutlers next birthday. Matching the h2h game just like Rogers. Now IF the bears go and win the match Rogers would then pick up his 14th home loss. 14th Prime is 43 matching the days from his birthday to the match.

      Now Mike McCarthy would pick up win 108. Which is 18 when you drop the zero. Eighteen = 46 (Date, chicago) and 73. The games come 21 days before his birthday. Twenty one - 42 and is the 73rd prime.

      In terms of John fox, the only thing that interests me is the game comes 112 days before his next birthday if you include the end date.

      This is a toss up.

      I think i'd actually take a punt on the bears. More lines up in the birthdays of both QBs for a rodgers home loss.

      42nd loss. Seventy two days left in the year. Seventy two = 42.
      Forty two = 43. 43 days before rodgers birthday. His 14th loss at home. 14th prime is 43?
      Its Rodgers 63rd game at home as well which is very interesting Rodgers = 63. Sixty three = 153 we know 153 is almost always paired with 42.

      191 Days from cutlers birthday 43rd prime, connecting back to rodgers 14th home loss. He would then take the bears to 2-5. 25 Cutler = 25.

      If you include the end date on Foxs birthday then its 112 days (Houston superbowl) Or 3 months 20 days. 32 Cutlers 32nd away win? Also 15 weeks 7. 157 - 37th Prime (Chicago = 37 - Rodgers = 37).

      Looking at this after revising and digging deeper i think the Bears make the big upset. The date does favor the Chicago team on the road and i think theres a connection here to Rodgers home loss through the date and the birthdays of each QB.

      @ 14/5 This is well worth a punt for me.