Thursday, October 6, 2016

82 83 | The October 6, 2016 Cole Hamels, Rick Porcello & Carson Palmer connection, MLB & NFL rigging rituals

Cole Hamels got rocked.  Rick Porcello didn't start off well either.  What are the odds that two of the four starting pitchers in the day's MLB playoff games have the same birthday, along with NFL Starter Carson Palmer, who should also be playing today?

Carson Palmer is out for Thursday Night Football with an injury, supposedly.

From October 6, 2016 to December 27, 2016 is 82-days, or a span of 83-days.

These are rituals.  We'll see how they all play out by tonight's end.


  1. I posted that this season was connected to the blue jays 93 season and Bautista is putting up joe carter numbers. Last night that's exactly what the sports caster mentioned.
    Not going against your Texas Rangers pick but do not be surprised if the Jays take the series.
    I keep going back to the fact Bautista was NOT knocked down by that punch.

    1. '52' was the number on the Rangers season that I liked, and the Blue Jays took them on '52' day so I think you might have a good point.

    2. i still think texas wins the series. Sometimes they like the underdog to win the first gm to throw ppl off