Thursday, October 6, 2016

Reader Contribution | In memory of FD 343 NY, September 11, 2001 (The 99 and 156 Relationship)

This is a great connect with the divisors of 99 summing to '156', a huge number on 9/11.

Remember, the first plane, flight AA-11, hit floors 93-99.


  1. More pieces coming together. Thanks for sharing that, Zach and whoever you are. I noticed the "Who Gave All" = 135.
    Wall Street = 135.
    Burning Bush = 135.

    I was just working on these numbers too, and found some other connections.

    When you divide 74 by 4 you get 18.5. July 4th is 185th day of year. When you write out eighteen point five it equals 99.

    Coptic Calendar = 744 in English Sumerian

    Pope Gregory I = 156. Gregorian chant = 77. He was crowned Pope on September 3, or 9/3 in year 590.

    Once again, great work on the sum of the 99-divisors!

    There's a lot of 97/43 coding in the burnt offering ritual of the Korban Olah or holocaust. When you spell out ninety-seven it matches with Silverstein. 53/152.

    1. Excellent work Tal, I love your mind! Thank you again friend, keep it up!

    2. " matches with Silverstein"

      You correctly used the word Matches in the sense of corrsponding with, the same, equal, but matches are also tiny sticks tipped with flammable material used to start fires. Funny just how much wordplay is going on that we don't even notice most of the time. Even (especially) when we are the ones writing or speaking. Spotting hidden wordplay is almost like catching a glimpse of the subconcious at work. Pretty cool.

      English is a kind of match, I think. In the sense of a competition - like a boxing match, and because it can start fires in the mind. Very powerful. The media knows it. That's why they r always hyping up the paranoia and fear, trying to get us to align with/match it.

  2. Wow! Prunella, you made me see my own subconscious process at work with matches. Matches = 33 with the -s exception. It just never ends! Have you ever heard of the book by Librarian of Congress James Billington? It's called "Fire In The Minds of Men" 107/206 and he basically admits that world revolution is a religion and not political ideology. Your comment made me think of that book.

    Thanks Zach! Sometimes I'm not sure how my ideas are coming across. Your encouragement helps more than you know.

    I've written to other researchers in the past to try to start a dialogue and you are the only one who does what you do in getting other people involved. I've seen you do this with everyone else, too. It's another thing that makes you different.

    I'm in somewhat of a quandary in trying to figure out where to go next as far as helping to get the word out for the movement and also how to win a larger audience. My plan so far has been to just keep writing, but any advice you could offer on that tip would be appreciated. I thought about starting a YouTube channel but I'm still trying to figure out how to go about it. I know I need to start reaching out more to other people. I feel safe here with the tribe because I know I have a sympathetic audience, but it's time to do more if I'm really serious about this. I opened a Twitter account and I'm going to start using that account to tell others about your work, mine and others, too. One problem is that I have "just-right-syndrome." I end up working slowly because of it. There are days that go by while I'm reading and learning without a post. You seem to have this power to create so much quality work in a very short time. I'm working through it, getting a little faster each time. So I'm not exactly frustrated, I'm just feeling growing pains. What do you guys think?

    1. Thanks for that recommendation, I've not heard of that book before, I will check it out.

      Being frustrated is a good sign, I think, because it shows you that u r ready for more. But you don't necessarily have to youtube. Just keep researching and see where it leads you is my advice. You are good at writing, you have good "voice" as its called in poetry which helps people listen.

      Another thing that helps is having a thick skin. Zach doesn't let criticism and being called names slow him down, which is one of the most critical things a person needs in order to challenge the mainstream thought. It takes awhile for most people to get past that intense social pressure to conform. Ive seen a lot of researchers get sucked in to defending themselves against the trolls and shit talkers, its just pointless really, these people (or bots) are best ignored or deleted because they just waste time. Dealing with them helps you to develop confidence tho so in that way they do serve a purpose, I suppose.

  3. I've had two trolls and I laughed when I saw what They wrote. i was respectful and they went away eventually. I'm going to be more proactive and courageous, I Get to a point I mull and vacillate then I pray go for it and never look back after that. That's my general pattern. So I'll get there. Thanks brother