Sunday, November 13, 2016

21 39 54 93 99 199 | SNF Discussion Thread, Week 10, Seahawks @ Patriots, November 13, 2016

SNF is often a '39' affair.  Tonight's SNF match, comes 93-weeks since the last time these two teams met, in Super Bowl 49.  That was the game that ended with #21 intercepting Russell Wilson's 21st pass, on the down 2nd and 1, at the goalline, on the date 2/1 (February 1), with 21 seconds left in the game.  Funny thing is, 21 and 93 are numbers of 'Saturn'.

SNF = 19+14+6 = 39

Today's date numerology is as follows.  Week Ten = 29/38/83

11/13/2016 = 11+13+20+16 = 60
11/13/2016 = 11+13+(2+0+1+6) = 33 (Seahawks = 33)
11/13/2016 = 1+1+1+3+2+0+1+6 = 15
11/13/16 = 11+13+16 = 40

'54', representing 'Sun', often goes with '93'.  It is SUNday afterall.

Russell Wilson has '39' birth numerology as well.  He was born November 29, 1988.

11/29/1988 = 1+1+2+9+1+9+8+8 = 39 (SNF = 39) (Brady is 39 years old)

The over / under has shift .5 down in the last few hours.

You have to love the over / under at 49.

These are the teams that met in Super Bowl 49.  Washington = 49

In the regular season the Seahawks and Patriots are 8-8 against each other, and the time they met in the Super Bowl, Super Bowl 49, the Patriots won, meaning they lead the series 9-8.

Tom Brady = 98

If the Patriots win tomorrow, they'll be 9-8 in the regular season match ups as well.  That said, if they lose, they'll be 9-9 all-time.  New England = 99 (Pete Carroll playing for 99th win tonight too)

If the Seahawks win, remember this.  The original Seahawks team were the Miami Seahawks, who folded and became the Baltimore Colts.  COLTS.  It is the Colts that were blown out in Deflate Gate, 45-7.  The Colts are currently 4-5, and Chuck Pagano is sitting on 45 wins.

45+7 = 52 (Deflate Gate)
24+28 = 52 (Super Bowl 49 against Seahawks)
Tonight, Russell Wilson could get 52nd win, and Brady, his 52nd loss

Prophecy = 52

Let us examine the starting QBs, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.

Tom Brady = 35/98
Russell Wilson = 54/81/198

This will be Brady's 259th game all-time, and 228th game in the regular season.  He is playing for his 199th win, or 176th win in the regular season.  Remember, Tom Brady was the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL Draft.  199, 46th prime; Michigan = 46; Patriots = 46

If he won tonight, it would be his 99th win at home in the regular season.  New England = 99

199th win, 99th win at home?

If Brady loses this week, he could also earn his 199th win all-time next week at the 49ers, near where he grew up in the Bay Area.  The 49er's play in Levi's Stadium.  Levi's Stadium = 46

Meanwhile, for Russell Wilson, this will be his 83rd game all-time.  Football = 83

He is going for his 59th win all-time, and his 52nd in the regular season, against Tom Brady, born 8/3, August 3, 1977.

If Wilson won, it would be his 21st road win in the regular season.  Remember, '21' was the number that cost the Seahawks the game against the Patriots in Super Bowl 49.

Let us also examine the coaches.

This will be Bill Belichick's 345th regular season game, and 265th with the Patriots.  He is looking for win #195 with the Patriots, or potentially loss #71.

His postseason record is as follows:

The opposing coach is Pete Carroll, who once coached the Patriots, the coach directly prior to Bill Belichick.

Notice right away that Pete Carroll is playing for his 99th career win.  New England = 99

Remember, if Seahawks win, the all-time series will be 9-9 as well.

This will be Carroll's 169th regular season game and 105th with the Seahawks.

If he wins, it will be #66 with the Seahawks.  NFL = 66 (Jewish Gematria)

His playoff coaching stats are as follows:

Let us also look at the QB and coach birthdays.

It has been 350-days (span of 351) since Wilson's 27th birthday.  It is 16-days or a span of 17-days until his upcoming 28th

11/29/1988 = 1+1+2+9+1+9+8+8 = 39 (SNF = 39) (Brady is 39 years old)

It has been 102-days (span of 103) sine Brady's 39th birthday.  His 40th birthday is 263-days away, or a span of 264.  (263, 56th prime number)

8/3/1977 = 8+3+1+9+7+7 = 35 (Tom Brady = 35/98)

Carroll's 65th birthday was 59-days ago (span of 60).  His upcoming is 306-days, or a (span of 307-days).  Freemason = 307 (Jewish Gematria) (307, 63rd prime number)

Bill's 64th birthday was 211-days ago (span of 212).  His upcoming birthday is in 154-days or a span of 155.  *211 is the 47th prime, and Seattle comes from the 47th parallel



    Check this out, this band Bon Iver has the video coded out at the ass with 33. I don't like this bands sound at all, they definitely seem like a Masonic band. They took their name from the 90's show Northern Exposure.

  2. Look thought. I don't even know who lean

  3. If Belichick loses, he'll have 71 losses with NE to go with his 44 losses when coached Cleveland. Seventy-one & forty four both equal 144, and it's also 14 weeks and 4 days since Brady's birthday. In the regular season, it'll also be Wilson's 52nd win and Brady's 52nd loss, so go shopping with the sun of points from both deflate gate and SB 49. I think this goes along with the bigger narrative of Miami/Seattle Seahawks/ Baltimore Colts and Pete Carroll getting his 99th win versus New England (99). Also, Seattle hasn't won in New England since 93, 23 years ago, on a date with 121 numerology (I can't remember the specific date at the moment).

    Football=83, the 23rd prime. Tom Brady bday 8/3

    I'm going Seahawks

  4. Just throwing this out there:

    Road win=39 (SNF)
    Revenge=40. 11+13+16=40

    Pete Carroll's 105th game with the Seahawks? "former coach"=54/105. Russell Wilson=54. Former=39 (SNF). Former coach=60. 11+13+20+16=60.

    Former head coach wins=123/188.

    1. Scratch the 54 for "former coach"

    2. Sunday night=52
      Sunday night football=81(Russell Wilson;.. s exceptions)

    3. I screwed up in another spot.

      Former head coach=123
      Former head coach wins=188.

      Sorry bout that.

    4. Divisors of 123:


      Sum of divisors: 168

      Sunday Night Game=168

      Interesting.. Today is 13th, and 41=superbowl.

  5. Ya fools. This will be the super bowl 51 not colts Vikings or Giants. Only Cowboys Seahawks n pats will make it. Also u should always reduce like if u get 20 it's 2 or 51 becomes 6. Only 11, 22, n 33 don't reduce

    1. Who's the fool that says cowboys Seahawks and pats will make it after saying this game is superviwl 51 teams. Some trolls are retarded on this blog.

    2. Mike Manning, now Mike Smith... lol.

      I'd put good money on the Cowboys getting eliminated in their first playoff game. They aren't going anywhere. Total trap bet. They want everyone with their money on the Cowboys and Patriots, so they can cash in.

    3. Cowboys will fall apart. If not in regular season then in playoffs, to the Vikings..Brady is done.. Seahawks team boring no lynch? Garbage.

    4. Can't wait to see Romo come back lol.

    5. Belichick is 12-4 coming off a bye with the patriots.

    6. Thirteen = 99 and 45. Connects up top with Zach post.

    7. The Legion, Ur Right...Dallas will likely have a 1st round bye and will be 1 and done, they will say a rookie QB never Bla Bla....Reminds me of Big Bens rookie yr when he went 13-0 and barley won a layoff game against the jets and got shelled against the pats in playoffs

  6. I'm starting to think Patriots blow the shit out of Seattle. With the relationship with Trump.

    1. Big game for Brady#12 and gronk#87, 12+87=99

  7. Miami dolphins won today maybe there will be a Miami seahawk tribute

  8. could be wrong but I see seattle winning 39 to 35 =74

    1. Good possibility the score stays where it is 25-24, (49). The two teams who played in SB 49.

    2. There still a lot of time though. I like your prediction too. 35 would be tough for the Pats to land on right now though.

  9. Up by 7 and you go for two? How people don't question these calls haha...

    1. I would've went for two also personally, would've made it a two score game with 4 mins left, but can see why some would just kick the extra point there.

    2. Yes but going up by 8 forces the other team to go for 2 no matter what and ensures you cannot lose the game on one possession. Make them force you to go to OT with the game on the line and a low percentage 2pt try.

    3. Exactly. You always just kick the extra point right there. You can't lose. I know they wanted the score at 55, but the sheep are still scratching their head on why they went for two...